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PostSubject: CHAPTER THREE: GREATER LENGTHS   Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:55 pm

Dreyden kept busy, always busy; he was sent to many different outposts in the Barrens and Ashenvale region. Even as busy as he was, his mind crept back to the thoughts of Arabellia. Friends of his would comment on his unexpected smiles; he was not known to smile very often. Each night, he would pretend to be asleep as he watched Talivan slip out of their tent. He would listen to the noises that him and Aubrea would make, and each time, he would imagine it was himself and Arabellia. As he did so, he would reach for his cock; stroking, listening, and imagining that Aubrea's joyful whimpers were in fact, her sister's. He felt guilty each time, but he could not help himself.

Each week, the letters were received. Arabellia, telling him of her studies; of her Imp, Karrin and its antics. Of Graz'los, and how he was so fierce! Yet, so very gently around her; and of Flaakorak, her monster of a Fel Guard. He was her fiercest protector, very mean; yet for her, he treated her as if she was his greatest treasure. Dreyden laughed at her letters, secretly very proud of the grasp she had gotten over her powers.

Dreyden spoke of the battles he had faced; the many times he had faced death, and defied it openly. Her brow always wrinkled with worry, yet she was glad he was able to contribute to the cause of the War at hand. Each admited to missing one another, neither speaking of their secret desires, and what they did to relieve their "tensions". They made plans on seeing one another, once her training was completed; it had been over a year since they had seen one another last. Each wondered if the other remembered how they looked; both knowing they could just close their eyes, and picture, smell the other person. The day they finally were able to plan a trip, was the day Arabellia completed her training. She sent a letter to Dreyden, speaking of her "Graduation" and how her teacher spoke highly of her abilities; he sent one, asking what her plans were next. As he waited for a response, he was secretly hoping and praying she would be coming to them finally.

The weeks kept passing since he had last heard from her and the worry was becoming more apparent, as he would pace outside the mail room. Each day he waited; each day, the mail person would shake their head 'no', looking to Dreyden and frowning sadly. He was beside himself with worry; soon, he went to Aubrea. "Aubrea..." Dreyden started, looking at the one he cherished sister, "Have you heard anything from Bella? I mean Arabellia," he asked quietly, letting his eyes read hers.

"I heard last she was graduated from her classes, and she was getting an assignment; she would contact as soon as she was stationed," she said quietly, looking into his eyes, hoping it was the answer he desired.

"How long have you been in love with my sister," she asked him perceptively.

"How...what.." Dreyden stuttered, at first attempting to deny it; as he thought about it more, the look on his face changed to wonder.

"Since we were younger I'd imagine," he replied, looking to his hands briefly.

Aubrea gripped his hands firmly; looking into his eyes, she simply whispered, "Act on it. Do not let friendship stop you from pursuing your feelings one step further." A small smile curved her lips as she spoke.

"It did not stop Talivan and myself."

"Oh, I know," Dreyden said, chuckling softly.

"I have heard you two each night."

Aubrea had the grace to blush, hearing him say this; she always knew he was close enough to hear, but never thought about Dreyden listening to the sounds that Talivan and herself made, while lovemaking. Blushing a fiery red to match her hair, she licked her lips. "Indeed," Aubrea continued, "Anyhow...I am hoping to hear from her soon. In the meanwhile, we have a platoon of fresh recruits to meet, Dreyden."

She tied the last tie on her boots, looking up at him, she smiled, "Let's guide our troops to saftey, aye?"

Dreyden nodded; he was purely distracted, worried about Arabellia. Aubrea and Dreyden moved along swiftly; the area was not known for friendly company. In fact, an attack of Human's had been spoken of, near the Ramparts of the North Carrens not even a weeks past. Dreyden made himself aware of the surroundings; it sounded far too quiet here. Looking ahead, he watched Aubrea lead the troops through a narrow pass, leading to the Ramparts; all the sudden a loud sound, followed by the clashing of steel, the screams of soldiers echoeing out.

Dreyden dismounted as he watched the dust swarm, his body shook as a dark mist of shadows enveloped him. He moved quickly and silently towards the sound. Aubrea on the other hand, rode headlong into the fray; screaming her battle cry, she slid off her horse. Charging the first, she casted a judgement at the enemy. A yellow light appeared from thin air and swirled violently as it took the shape of a sword. Though it was not casted from steel of their world, the magic itself fell upon the enemy. The male screamed in pain as the judement hit, catching him off guard. Aubrea swung heavy with her sword. A clean, precise cut, as the man fell to the floor. She shielded herself from enemy fire. Her narrow frame hide perfectly behind the large shield she always carried with her. Dreyden let her deal with them, seeing she was fine; his concern was focussed more with an animal he saw, familiar and frightened.

Walking up to the horse, he stroked its nose softly; letting it loose, he followed the path it came from. As he came to a clearing, he heard a low cry. His body on alert, he lowered himself further into the shadows, watching the scene before him. His eyes blazing as he spots her; she was shaking violently, a disgusting human male trying to claim what was his. Dreyden stood, the shadows swarmed around him as he began to utter under his breath. A dark orb swirled in his palm, as it grew larger, he thrusted it forward, the magic eating the human male alive, his screams could be heard even back to Aubrea. She shuddered, but continued, her only thought was defending these people. As the male disintegrated into a pile of ash and bone, Arabellia laid there; her eyes closed, her breathing light, she appeared unconscious. Grateful for that, Dreyden gathered her to his chest; kissing her forehead, his eyes teared up a bit.

"I am so sory, love," he whispered, holding her close, her breathing was slow, steady, but she would not open her eyes.

He whistled for his mount, Mordecai; slipping her and himself upon its back, he rode swiftly toward their camp, going directly to his tent without thought. Moving her gently, he laid her down with great care. Stepping away briefly, he grabbed up some clothes as well as water, and some salves. His eyes scanned over her body; looking for any mark or blemish. "Arabellia, wake up, please," he pleaded softly, his fingers caressing her cheek as he cleaned the cuts and bruises that appeared there.

As he moved his hand onto the right side, he heard her moan softly; he sat down on the bed, his fingers on her chin as he willed her silently to wake up. Her eyes blinked slowly; looking up at him, she whispered softly, "Dreyden..." her hand weakly reaching for his.

He gripped her hand, his eyes conveying guilt as he said quietly, "I am so very sorry, love."

She shook her head what little she could as he spoke, she muttered hoarsely, "You did nothing wrong...nothing."

She pulled his hand closer to her chest, her breathing though shallow, could still be seen as her chest fell and rose. "You saved my life. Saved me from..." tears started to stream down her face, a small clean path left as the hot liquid trailed through the blood and dirt.

He pulled her close to his body; shaking his head as he ran his hand, strong and sure, down the small of her back. He made noises, soothing and comforting as she cried against his chest; wetting him with her tears. Finally, her crys slowed to hiccups, leaning weakly against him. As he pulled away, attempting ot lay her down, she whispered, "Please...Dreyden, don't leave me... please."

Her eyes liquid with apprehension as she watched him. His heart breaking as he heard her needing words; this was the woman he loved, he would never leave her side; not while there was still a breath in his body. Of course, he did not speak such things aloud. Instead, he gave a nod, sliding her in the bed slowly, he laid down beside her. Holding her close, he whispered soothing noises into her ear. He rocked her against his body, until he felt her breathing slow; she was asleep.
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