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PostSubject: CHAPTER FOUR: WHERE THERES A WILL, THERES A WAY   Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:16 pm

The days passed slowly. Dreyden stayed close to Arabellia's side when he could, leaving only to do his duties. Aubrea came to her sister as soon as she returned to the camp. Talivan and Dreyden waited outisde of their tent, as they waited to hear her words on how she fared. Aubrea pulled Dreyden aside, placing her hand on his arm as she whispered in his ear. Dreyden nodded slowly, relief plainly written across his face as he walked back into the tent. "What did you tell him love?" Talivan asked quietly.

"That she was untouched," Aubrea said; her eyes troubled as she hugged Talivan close to her body.

Talivan caressed her back slowly, kissing the top of her head. "She will be fine," he stated before he continued, "She has the two best medics on the field taking care of her wounds."

"You know Dreyden loves her, right," Aubrea said quietly, looking into his eyes.

Talivan's eyes widen. "When did this happen," he asked, seemingly suprised.

"As we were growing up," she said, leaning up to kiss his lips tenderly, "Much like another pair I know well."

"Indeed," Talivan stated.

"I have loved you for longer than I can remember."

Aubrea's lips widen in a happy smile, as she wrapped her arms around his chest, listening to his heartbeat. The flap to the tent closed as Dreyden entered, his eyes lit up on Arabellia's small body, barely taking up space on his bed. Soon, the light fadded to darkness as he sat on the bed beside her. Arabellia looked up at him and smiled, shaking her head, she said quietly, "Dreyden...I'm so glad to see you."

Her fingers reached up to tenderly caress his cheek, her eyes shining in a love she was not aware of being in. Dreyden on the other hand, saw the look. His eyes soaking up the tenderness, he let his fingers caress her cheek as he started to talk to her. "So tell me. How had your Demonology studies been?"

"Well," she murmured, "I have advanced to such a degree, I have been given a most unusual minon."

She chuckled softly, as she sat up the best she could. Dreyden watched her, making sure she would not strain herself. "Brynys, you stubborn wretch, come out of the void! Come to your Mistress."

As she incants the spell, a form began to take shape; wings spread from a very curvacious body, horns sprouting from the Succubus's head. The minon looked to Arabellia, defiance clearly written in its dangerous icy blue eyes. "She is still a bit unruly," Arabellia said ruefully, as she laid back against the bed.

The minion bounced in place, watching her Mistress closely; turning slightly only to eye Dreyden, the Succubus cracks her whip in hand, an evil smile curving her ruby red lips. Dreyden eyes the minion, shaking his head as he mutteres directly to it, "You best not try your acts on me, Succubus."

The Succubus wasn't bothered by his words, but instead turned to her mistress. With the flick of her wrist, Arabellia casted her minon back into the void. "Stubborn, I swear, but she'll come around eventually I think."

Dreyden turned to Arabellia, concern in his eyes, he smiled. "You must take care... conserve your energy."

"Fine on being cautious," Arabellia said, her eyes lighting up in the same defiance as her Succubus.

"With being cautious, I could not fight back. I wish to learn more up close combat." Her eyes closed as she took a shakey breath.

"If I can help myself, you shall not have to be alone...not anymore," Dreyden said, a light of seriousness in his eyes.

Arabellia looked up at him, purely startled. Does he know what he is saying? Arabellia asks herself quietly. Looking deep into his eyes, almost reading his thoughts, she blinked slowly. He, it cannot be. She thought to herself. "What...what do you mean," she asked, looking at him as she does so.

"Because Arabellia...over the years, I have realized something," Dreyden said calmly before continuing.

"I have realized the depths of my feelings for you and have come to realize that Arabellia, I.. I love you," he said quietly, letting his fingers rest of her chin.

"Dreyden... no, we can't. You can't," she whispered, as she pulled away, his hand falling to the bed side.

"We cannot risk our friendship for something of the body," she continued to claim.

"Bella," Dreyden said, reaching back up to grip her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.

"It would not be physical only. I love you. Your mind, your spirit... your heart," he said tenderly, as he leaned in; his eyes capturing her in a death defying stare, not letting them dart away as he whispered seductively.

"You are tied to my soul; just as I am yours. Without one, there is no other half. You complete me. When we are far apart, my mind can only think of you," he said, leaning in a bit further, his tongue slipped out to caress her lower lip possesively.

Her eyes widened; her fingers upon his chest, she shook her head slowly. "But," she murmured.

He shook his head. "There will be no resistance to me, Bella. I am the only man who knows you more than you know yourself, love," Dreyden said confindently, as he stepped away from the bed side.

Grinning as he opened the flap to the tent, he called out to her, "I will have mine. I am willing to wait an eternity if I must."

Arabellia watched him walk out of the tent, the flap lowering slowly, her jaw agape as she tried to speak, but was lost for words. As the flap of the tent came to a final close, she called out, "I will not give in!" Knowing he could not hear her now, she sighed in frusteration.

Damned Dreyden! She thought to herself. He could not get past her defences; she did not want them to do this, no she...yes, she did. Her eyes widened slowly as she thought to herself. "I have always wanted you..." she murmured, suprise glowing in her dark emerald eyes.

How had she missed the signs? She hand't really, she just tried to ignore them, for so long, she thought to herself ruefully. "I...I love him. I love Dreyden Moonriven."

Her eyes softened in wonderment, caressing her lips slowly, feeling the burn his lips left behind when he pressed them against hers. She drew in a shuddering breath. She knew she would not be able to resist him much longer.
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