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PostSubject: CHAPTER SEVEN: DONT DENY IT   Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:44 pm

The days for Dreyden, Talivan, Aubrea, and Arabellia passed slowly; it was the best times of their lives, in their eyes. Talivan and Aubrea spent their time together constantly; Arabellia and Dreyden [more Arabellia then Dreyden] formed a new ease around each other, after the magical night that happened.

Arabellia and Dreyden could not help but be in wonder of this new feeling between the two of them; they both had pictured such a thing happening, but never thought it would. They had been friends all their lives, after all; the one night of passion, tenderness, love.... it had added a whole new spectrum to their lives. Both easily recalled that night; both knew that they were bound tightly to each other as they had never been before.

Each time they touched, their eyes met in an awareness of the sexual magnetism that drew them closer and closer to each other. She was immensely shy around Dreyden; he, on the other hand, became more agressive; he wanted to make her his own. They did not have much time to be around one another; their duties and responsibilities kept them apart. Each at the end of the day, ended up missing one another; though neither admitted it. Each night, both was filled with a lonliness they recognized from when they were apart before; now, both knew a magnified version of that feeling. Each took care of the itch that they felt, yet neither felt satisfaction in the end... they wanted the feeling welling deep inside, to be satisfied by the other.

One day, they both finally had time where they could be around one another; they both wanted to take advantage of it. Dreyden did not waste any time. Heading over to Aubrea and Arabellia's tent, he knocked on the frame. A sleepy mumble could be heard as shuffling sounds came to the doorway. The doorway opened to reveal a sleep rumpled Arabellia; her dark hair tousled down her back, her dark emerald eyes blinking from the morning light. Dreyden stared, transfixed; even when she awoke, she was a beauty, he thought to himself, before coughing slightly. "I wanted to come over, see if you maybe busy." Dreyden asked, a charming smile curving his sensual lips.

Arabellia looked at him, blushing slightly; nodding, she murmured, "Not at all, I was just about to come over and ask the same of you," she said, a soft giggle emitting from her ruby red lips.

Dreyden stared at her mouth, fascinated by her in all aspects. Gripping her fingers, he pulled her out the door; amid her laughing protests, he growled possesively, "You are mine, for this night. Let's go."

Arabellia blushed vividly at his words; nodding, she followed him out of the tent. Their laughter tinkled in the wind, as he pulled her along into the forest; the moonlight caressing her hair like a long lost lover, tinging the lovely length a silvery black, lighting her hair in a fire that no man could dare hope to tame. Dreyden though, did not want to tame her. He wanted to bring her to his touch; gentle her, and make her his own, in every way he could dream.

Dreyden and Arabellia walked along; pointing at a pair of Owls, perched in the trees. They hooted, as if they shared in the couple's laughter; taking flight, they flew off towards the moon, or so it seemed. He tugged her along, until they came to a small clearing. Arabellia laughed in delight as she saw an already built camp; a tent, just big enough for the two of them, a fire burning slowly, the embers flashing upwards to the sky. As she smelled the air, she could detect the wonderful smell of Lion Steak. She blushed as her stomach growled; looking up at him, she whispered, "Dreyden... you forever suprise me," Arabellia exclaimed softly, as she placed her fingers on his cheeks; meeting his eyes, she kissed his left cheek softly.

He took a shuddering breath; controlling his base urges carefully, he instead wraped his arms around her body. Inhaling her fragrance, feeling her curves pressed against him in a way that only felt as if they were made for each other, he kissed the top of her head. "I wanted to give you a special night. One you would remember. We haven't had much time together lately," Dreyden said, a tender smile curving his lips.

Bringing her to the seats, he patted one of the cushions, bidding her to sit. Arabellia did so delicately, looking up at Dreyden under her sooty eyelashes; her dark emerald eyes delicately framed within their depths as she eyed him curiously. "What do you have planned?" Arabellia asked, her voice holding pleasure and anticipation.

"A night of magic, for a beautiful woman," Dreyden replied, letting his eyes hold her own.

She felt captivated by his gaze; she could not turn herself away from him. Licking her lips, she finally made herself look down at the fire; her cheeks were suffused in a reddish glow from the fire, and from embarassment. He had never been this attentive to her before... had he? She found herself thinking back, trying to recall if she had ever seen the signs of his romantic nature before; in shock, Arabellia realized, he had always been this way. Kind... caring... considerate. Even a bit loving. Whether he realized he was so or not, was a different story. A shy smile wreathed her face, as she patted the cushion beside herself.

"Sit... lets talk," Arabellia said quietly, watching as Dreyden slipped down beside her; she jumped slightly as he took a hold of her fingers, looking into her eyes.

"Bella my love..." Dreyden said quietly, gripping her chin in his fingers, "You are absolutely ravishing tonight. The way the moonlight hits your skin, your hair..." Dreyden said, his voice showed how raptured, how enchanted he was by this woman and her beauty.

Arabellia blushed at his words; looking up into his eyes, the fire-shine played across her face as she reached out to touch his hand. " Your words, they are wonderful to hear, coming from your lips." She murmured softly; his smile curved his lips as he reached his left hand to cup her face.

Arabellia leaned into his hand, making a soft purring sound; Dreyden, entranced by her, leaned in to taste her lips. Arabellia's breath caught in a gasp; pressing herself closer, she drank in his seductive taste deeply. Wrapping her arms around his well muscled body, she whimpered softly; letting her head rest against his chest, she murmured so low, he had to bend close to hear her words. "I have dreamed about this... wanted this so much," Arabellia murmured softly; leaning against him, she leaned up to kiss his chin.

Dreyden inhaled, a startled gasp at the touch of her lips. Pressing his hands firmly against her back, he stroked his fingers down her spine; she shivered from the depth of his touch, how it heated her skin, though his hands were as cool as a winters breeze. "Arabellia...." Dreyden whispered lowly, "I want nothing else, then to make you my woman. To caress and love every inch of your body. To show you what it is like, to be truly loved..." Dreyden said quietly, letting
his lips rest on her face, down to the column of her neck.

He tilted to allow his kisses to drift downwards to her shoulders, letting his lips nibble and kiss each inch of exposed flesh. Arabellia whimpered lowly; gripping Dreyden's shoulders, she pressed herself close to his body. Incredible heat permeated her body, radiating from him as she leaned her head back with an abandon; she was clearly enjoying what he was doing to her body. Dreyden growled in response; he was enjoying marking every inch of her as his own. Letting his teeth gently nip on the skin of her shoulders, he made his way down to her breasts; looking into her eyes, he grinned slightly as he suckled a hardened nipple into his mouth. She lifted her shirt up over her head, the warm fire caressing her now stiffened nipple as he assulted it with tender sucks.

Arabellia's mouth opened; at first no sound came out. Then, a hissing sound, ending in a low moan, emitted from her lips. Her fingers tangled in his hair, as she pressed her luscious body closer to his lips, his touch... she felt as if she was going insane. Dreyden was suckling hard now, fierce on her swollen nipples; his tongue bathing the nubs, showing them fierce affection. Arabellia's mouth opened in suprise; licking her lips as she sub-consciously grinded against his body.

Dreyden growled, feeling her gyrations; without warning, he pulled her sternly, yet gently downwards; laying her on the cushions, he kissed her breasts a few more times before letting his lips linger lovingly upon her stomach. Looking up at Arabellia, Dreyden's eyes devoured her as he began to kiss his way further down; watching her eyes widen in suprise and delight as his lips rested on top of her mound. Catching her breath, she whimpered as she pressed against his lips; he could not resist her.

Opening the center of her, he leaned down and kissed the clit very softly, gently... her breath caught in a tormented gasp. She did not know how to feel, how to react. All she knew was his mouth was on her most secret place, and eliciting the most delicious torment she had felt, in her life. She rubbed against his lips, moaning again as she felt his tongue caress the swollen bud; she felt his tongue, scraping along the walls of her pussy. She gasped; her body pressing urgently against his mouth. "Dreyden... Oh gods, it feels so...." she arched again, her body urgent as she panted.

He looked into her eyes; seeing the desire rampant in them, he dove back down between her legs in abandon. Was this something she truely enjoyed? Licking, sucking on her clit, he placed a hand on each of her thigh's; tenderly placing his hands there, he brought her closer to his body as he made tender love to her pussy, with his mouth. She laid back, whimpering, crying out for his touch. It seemed she did enjoy his torment. He felt it first; the tender shaking of her body, the quivering in her thighs; he devoured her flesh, feeling her shake. All of the sudden, he heard it; her cries, her whimpers...her screams as her orgasm rocked her body, hard and fast. Her legs gripping the sides of his body as she shook violently; he suckled on her clit without relenting. Tasting every bit she had to offer to him. He loved licking her pussy and the sounds her body made caused his own arousal to peak higher.

Finally, her orgasm ended; she was layed back on the cushions, shaking as she looked up helplessly at Dreyden. The night surrounded them like a veil as Dreyden looked down at his beloved Bella; watching her, laying back on the cushions, he caressed her body tenderly. He let his hand run down every inch of her; she whimpered softly, barely able to move. "How are you feeling, love?"

"Dreyden.... I never imagined..." Arabellia murmured, looking up into his eyes; he could see how dazed she seemed.

"You have just begun to imagine." Dreyden replied; slipping himself beside her, he leaned in to lay his lips softly upon hers. His fingers begin to caress her body; slowly, very slowly, he began to trace each curve and hollow along her body. Her breath caught in a tormented gasp; pressing herself closer, she barely caught her breath enough to whisper, "Make love to me... please Dreyden, please."

Her voice hoarse from the moaning she had been doing already, but Dreyden immediately oblidged her; after all, he was hard from the attention he had just gave her. Kneeling between her legs, he unzipped his pants, not even bothering to remove them as the hard mass sprung free; the tip soaked with excitement. He took the very tip of his cock, and began to brush the lips of her pussy. Bella moaned softly; pressing herself against him, she attempted to get him to slip further and further into her body. Her pussy glistened against the light of the dim fire and mixed with his own pre-excitement.

Dreyden, feeling her pussy attempting to envelope his hard cock, groaned in hot arousal; he wanted nothing more than to make her his woman, in all respects. He slipped himself into her; growling softly as he felt her hot, tight heat swallowing his hard cock. She was so tight, unlike anything he had ever felt. "Ahh Bella...." he groaned, as he slipped himself to the hilt inside of her body. She answered his groan with a loud moan of her own; her fingers digging into his hard, muscled flesh as she whimpered; she wanted nothing more than to be claimed by him.

Having seated himself to the hilt; he growled as he sat still at first, savoring the feeling of her pulsating around his hard cock. She whimpered, squirming beneath him; her fingers digging into his shoulders as she moaned. He continued to be still until she started to push up, rocking herself against him, doing more than just laying there, she was taking control. He smirked softly and began to thrust into her body; slowly at first, the teasing feeling of her pussy gripping his hardness was driving him to madness. Her legs wrapped around his waist; she thrusted against him, her keening cries could not be contained. He leaned down; kissing her passionately as he drove into her harder and harder; his only thought was to claim her body, as his own. He wanted nothing more than to make her want him, need him.... love him.

Her nails drug down his back, which drove him wild. He loved when she did that, her keening cry ringing in his ears as he suddenly felt her spasming. "Ahhh gods... Dreyden!" she cried; her back arched, her body shaking violently as she began to orgasm again; he could feel her squeezing him violently, as she arched her back.

He rode her harder, trying to keep her from pushing him out; he could not stop himself from filling her body, he cried out her name. His body started to spasm, filling her, his back arched. Holding on to her tight, he poured like melted wax through her center. As their shared orgasm subsided, she layed back on the cushions, panting as she tried to recover. Dreyden pulled her close, rolling to one side as he normally did; he kissed the top of her head as he panted harshly at first. "Dreyden..." Arabellia began.

"Bella.... don't deny how you feel about me... not anymore." Dreyden murmured lowly, pulling her chin up with his finger.

"Do not deny that there is more than just lust there. Just friendship. Our relationship has evolved, and I want it to do so. I want to be with you. Now and always."

Arabellia looked into his eyes, attempting to read into his depths. Could he mean what he said? She shook her head. Of course he did. He always spoke truthfully to her...he never lied to her. She met his eyes, hers holding a good deal of fear as she murmured, "I... I love you Dreyden. I have since we were young," Arabellia said softly; her eyes misting, she leaned up to kiss him, gently.

His heart was thudding violently, as if itwas that close to bursting from his chest. Finally, she said it. She was not denying it anymore, Dreyden thought to himself; he ducked his face into her hair, inhaling the scent as he smiled, secretly. "I have loved you for so long... I knew it when we were young, " he said simply; pulling her close, kissing the top of her head as he does so.

"Go to sleep, my Bella. Rest well, for I am here," he said softly, pulling a thin sheet across them both as the fire crackled with a shared passion.

Bella's eyes began to droop sleepily; she nodded slowly as she began to relax, falling asleep. Dreyden stayed up for a bit longer; his mind was racing. He felt the changes; they were subtle, but they were very noticeable to him. He was smiling, more than he had in the past few years. His fingeres traced the patterns in her skin tenderly. He murmured softly where she would be able to hear, "You are mine... and I will love you no matter what."

His eyes closed slowly; his breathing slowed as he finally drifted off to sleep himself.
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