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PostSubject: CHAPTER TWELVE: ORGRIMMAR   Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:04 pm

Aubrea and Zaeden made their way slowly across the ravines and oasis of the Barrens. They kept their eyes sharp, for they both knew even as close to civilization they were, that there was danger still in the area. They rode silently for a bit, NInoz Scourgebane riding ahead of them as they headed to Orgrimmar. They were on their way for supplies; they both wanted to speak to one another, but neither was sure how to start the conversation. As a herd of wild Zhevra ran by their small caravan, Aubrea watched, her eyes wide in wonderment. It amazed her each time how they moved fluidly as a group. Zaeden watched her expression, enchanted by the smile on her face. As they reached the river dividing Durotar from The Barrens, Ninoz started across first; his Worg growled in discontent as he waded across the river. Zaeden motioned for Aubrea to go next. He wanted to make sure he was behind her, just in case. He had seen the crocolisks in the waters surrounding her, and could tell by how her mount acted, that she sensed them close by as well.

As Aubrea murmured soothing words to Paragon, she clicked her tongue, urging her into the water. The fish brushed against the mare's legs, making her very jittery. Zaeden watched from the shoreline, clicking his tongue to start urging his own steed into the water. He paused when he heard the terrified scream of her mount, as she reared back. Aubrea, caught unaware, was tossed into the river. She flailed about, the water just deep enough where she could not touch bottom. Zaeden called out, "Ninoz! To me!"

As he rode hell bent for leather into the cold river water, Aubrea cried out as a rather large Crocalisk hissed, heading toward her in the water. Zaeden gritted his teeth as he slid off his mount and dived into the water, moving swiftly towards her own. She started to get her bearings as she reached for her weapon. She saw the Crocolisk heading towards her, she murmured a spell as quick as she could. Her Aura flashed over her head, a defensive stance that signified she was ready to fight if need be. She swam for the shore, she wanted equal ground when she was fighting. The Crocolisk was known for its hunts in the water and the only way she would be able to prevail, was to force it out of its natural habitat. The Crocolisk hissed, angered that his meal was quickly trying to escape. Swimming quickly, he slithered closer to her, finally gaping his jaw menancingly; he snapped, gaining purchase on her leg. She cried out in shock; thankfully she wore her armor at all times, instead of the leather or cloth suits most women wore, to ride from one destination to another. She always believed in saftey over beauty when it came to military tasks. The downside was its weight, but in this case, it literally saved her leg. Zaeden and Ninoz, seeing this, rushed as quickly as they could to aid her escape. Zaeden began to cast his judgement as a large, red transparent sword seemed to form in mid-air above the crocolisk. It glimmered beneath the sun as it plunged downward, as if it had been held by an invisible rope that was now cut free. It stilled the beast as it struck; immobilizing it. Ninoz roared a battle cry as he swung his axe downward, the steel colliding with the crocolisk's head. The Crocolisk growled one final cry as Zaeden moved closer, thrusting his sword into the water, the blade gripping the current as it punctured the scaley flesh of the crocolisk. Blood pooled around them as the crocolisk began to sink into the darkened depths below. Ninoz reached out, his massive arms grabbing the dead creature by the tail as he began to drag it through the water to the shore. Zaeden swept Aubrea up in his arms the best he could as she clung to his neck, her head on his shoulder as she said quietly, "I ... I should have listened to Paragon."

Zaeden shook his head. "There is no way you could not have known," Zaeden said quietly, a glimmer of tenderness was in his eyes though he was not aware of it.

But Ninoz was. Shaking his head, he left the carcass behind, uttering outloud, "These Elves... so strange in how they show emotion."

Zaeden heard him as his eyes lit up in question,he then looked back down at Aubrea. Concern lit in his features as he felt her shivering from the coldness. "Come... lets get you to shore. Wrap you up, and get you to town... we will have one trained in medicine, to look after you."

She weakly tried to protest as he sloshed through the murky water, looking into his eyes, the protests died. She saw something she rarely saw in Talivan's eyes. She felt guilt for the rush of pleasure it gave her. Blushing vividly, she hid her face in his shoulder, relaxing slowly as she felt him moving out of the cold water. Zaeden continued to slosh, until he reached the shoreline. He nodded at Ninoz as he tenderly passed her over for him to hold briefly until he mounted. She protested weakly, but soon quieted as Ninoz made a hushing noise. As soon as he mounted, he passed Aubrea back, watching as Zaeden settled her close against his body. Ninoz gathered Paragon's reins into his grip after he mounted his Worg. They set off on the path again, heading for Orgrimmar. As they rode up to the gate, they saw many people crowded around the entrance. Some seemed well off, others not as much.They heard some of them muttering angrily; others were testing their mettle against one another. Here, in front of this large, boisterous city, people could forget station and life's worries, even for a brief moment. Zaeden and Aubrea watched the various duels occuring between the different people. Nobility dueling commoners, neither caring about their appearance, just of showing one another they could be the very best, at what they did. Ninoz's teeth bared in a feral, happy grin as he called out, "Head to my sister's. They will care for Aubrea, they are Shaman's. As for me..." he eyed a Druid, in feral form slinking about as he murmured,
"I feel the need to test my mettle."

Zaeden watched Ninoz eye the Druid and chuckled softly as he nodded in his general direction. Ninoz eyes seemed to absorb the surroundings. Aubrea laid against Zaeden's chest, calm... relaxed. She practically glowed in the setting sun's rays; her beautiful skin shining in the lamps light as they lit up slowly in the dusty yet civilized city. Zaeden rode slowly towards the middle of Ogrimmar, his eyes widened as he took in the scenery. This was not the Orgrimmar he remembered, when it was first formed; the city had changed dramatically. He ran a slow, caressing hand down her back, looking to soothe her. He could feel the heat of her body, so warm, so tempting as she said quietly, "I have... never seen it here, before."

She spoke soft, a lyrical note to her voice. Zaeden smiled down at her, his eyes held a tender look in them when he stared at her. Aubrea's cheeks burned a bright red as they rode up to a small hut. Three small Orcish children ran outside, screaming and giggling as they chased each other in a game only they knew how to play. Aubrea watched the children, enchanted; she wasn't seen often around other children, and found their childish enthusiasm to be contagious. Watching them rapturiously, she was not aware of the Orc male and female who walked up to them. "Aye there... what d' ye ha' there? She looks the worse fer wear, and her cheeks are so flushed..." the Shamaness said, resting her hand on Aubrea's cheek.

The Shamaness blinked in suprise as she watched the girls face darken red further. "Oi.. here, pass her t' my mate, Rekghar. He will hold yer wee lass until ye dismount."

Aubrea at first stuttered; she did not want these kind Orcs to get the wrong impression. She looked up helpessly at Zaeden, he smiled at her, holding his finger over her lips as he kept her to secrecy. Deep inside, he liked her being called his... for a brief moment in time, he was her man, caring for her as he wanted to, since the day they had met. Aubrea looked up at him, a soft smile on her lips as she laid against the Orc Shaman males chest. She watched Zaeden slip off his mount, his strong arms reaching for her as she sighed softly. She laid her head against his chest, listening to the sounds of his heart beat; here she felt secure... safe even. She had never completely felt this way before... not even with Talivan. Shaking her head of her guilty thoughts, she closed her eyes. The Shamaness gestured to a comfortable bed, saying quietly, "Aye... lay the wee lass on there. Let us get her comfortable, hrm?"

Ari'Celia reached for her satchel that she always kept by her side. Pulling out different vials, she sat them beside her, sniffing and sorting them as she looked the girl over. "Wha' happened t' the lass, if I may ask?" the Shamaness asked, her fingers brushing Aubrea's hair away from her face as she spoke.

"She fell into the river... was bitten by a crocolisk," Zaeden said, a touch of guilt evident in his voice as he gazed at Aubrea.

Her head laid back against the pillow, her eyes closed. He brushed the hair from her eyes tenderly, his feelings showing on his face as he did so... he was not aware of this, but the Shamaness was. Chuckling softly, she mixed together a tea; her eyes crinkling as she stirred the ingrediants together. "Don't ye be worryin'... yer mate will be fine, soon enough. She just needs t' drink this, an' she will feel right as rain."

He looked at her, a soft sound emitted from his lips as he murmured, "She is not mine... I am her commanding officer."

"The look ye give her doesna speak o' bein' an officer. It speaks o' two lovers," she said practically.

He chuckled, liking the Orcess already. "General Zaeden Moonriven, of the Lance division," he said simply, his hand reaching out to shake hers.

She gripped his wrist, saying, "Ari'Celia Demonslayer o' the Frostwolf clan; life-mate o' Rekghar the Tempest."

A chuckle was in her tone as she spoke. "I ha' been known as Far-Seer though fer so long, it is second nature t' me."

She looked to the window, a soft, sad smile curvingher lips. "E'er since m' mate, from so long ago, or so it seems... Kahshra... called me so, e'eryone else does the same. He was a great military mind..." she said; shaking her head, she murmured, "That is the past though... this is now."

Her eyes landed on her children outside; smiling as she said, "And life is better, now."

Zaeden shook his head in sympathy. He could see the pain of her loss, and how she was bearing the burden, quietly. One could tell she sacrificed much; yet somehow, she perservered. "I know your brother... Ninoz," he said quietly.

Her eyes widened in shock. "Ninoz.. I thought him dead... " she murmured; her eyes closed briefly, sorrow and happiness mingling in their light blue

"He.. has changed. But, it has made him stronger," he said carefully.

He wanted to prepare her for what was in store. "He.... he became one o' them, didn't he?" she asked quietly, in a non-judgemental voice.

He shook his head in the affirmative."He did... he wanted to come to you and he is infact in Orgrimmar."

Her eyes widened as she ran to the door, looking outside. "Where is he then? I want t' see my only living family, besides m' wee one, an' my life-mate," she said, urgency in her tone of voice.

He nodded slowly, saying to her, "He will be here... he was eyeing a Druid, for a challenge, last I saw."

She chuckled at his response; picking up a wet wash cloth, she said softly, "That was always Ninoz... he was full of kindness, lovin'... yet always lookin' fer a challenge."

She chuckled softly; dabbing Aubrea's face with the dampness of the cloth. "It was what got him killed.." she shuddered; her eyes closed as she whispered, "The things we saw... the way they killed our men up there... "

She shivered violently in rememberance; her breathing hitched as she murmured, "I left him... they pulled me away. I was determined t' find him.. I knew he lived! But they told me his body was gone..."

Her eyes closed in pain. Opening them again, she said, "I woul' never ha' left him, had I known."

Zaeden shook his head. "He knew you would not. He gave orders to his officers, to protect you if he came in any danger."

Her eyes widened; shaking her head, she looked out the window, muttering, "Ye stubborn ass."

As she rested her elbows against the window sill; her eyes closed, then opened again. Seeing a familiar figure walking towards her hut, she gasped. "Ninoz..." she murmured, as she headed to the door.

"Ninoz!" she cried out again, louder this time as she ran towards him.

He saw her running towards him, a happy yet tearful expression in her eyes as she hugged him tight. "You bloody stubborn bastard..." she said, slapping him upside the head in affection.

He grunted as he said, "I knew you would not leave, if I didn't give the orders to do so."

He hugged her tightly to his side; he was very fond of his little sister, ever since they were young; he could remember her always following behind him, as they were forced into the Intermenant camps;how their family died off slowly but for him and one of their sisters. She started to cry against his chest; she finally felt as if there wasn't a part of her missing, a part of her family... she felt fiercely glad. Zaeden watched from the doorway; seeing them reunite, it made him feel a sense of sorrow, for the loss of communication between himself and Dreyden; he felt the animosity from their voices, ever since Zaeden was chosen to become a follower of the light... a Paladin. At nights, he would lay in bed, wondering what if; what if he had not been chosen, but Dreyden was? He sighed as he headed back into the Shamaness's small house; going to the bed Aubrea was laying upon, asleep, he sat down beside her. Running his fingers along her face, through her dark red hair, he smiled softly. What a beauty she was... how lucky he felt, to be in her very presense. There was a sense of peace... light seemed to emanate from her very being. To be close enough to feel such a power, made him feel at ease... yet at the same time, he wanted to be so much closer. Knowing her vows to the one named Talivan, he knew he would need much, to see just how tightly those bonds weathered; he knew that Talivan was not quite right for her. Though he seemed loyal, he also seemed very vain; he was not what she needed. As his fingers traced down the curve of her delicate cheek, to her chin, his smile became a serious expression. He was not usually one to break, or forsake vows; why she made him feel as he did, was beyond his thinking. Her eyes fluttered briefly as she made a soft hissing sound; he leaned forward to hear what she said. Hearing his name upon her lips, he grinned briefly; sitting closer, he let his hand rest on her brow, as he leaned back against the chair, and relaxed; soon, he fell asleep, worn down from the day.

She stirred awake slowly; her eyelids fluttering against her cheeks, as she sighed softly awake. She jumped in suprise to see Zaeden close by, asleep; what suprised her more, was the very small Orc girl on her chest. She grunted, then cooed, a small toothy grin curved her lips. She had the look of the Shamaness, yet different; she could tell it was one of her own. She reached out slowly, hesitantly; she did not want to frighten the poor small child away. The little one curled closer to Aubrea; her eyes meeting the Elven woman's, trust glowing in their dark blue depths. Aubrea smiled softly, cuddling the child close; the wee one laid her head against Aubrea's chest, sighing as she decided to fall asleep. Zaeden awoke to this tender scene; seeing Aubrea holding the child close, he commented to himself at least, how natural she seemed with the child. Chuckling, he sat up and stretched; her eyes widened as she raised a slender finger to his lips, effectively hushing him. "Don't wake her up... she is so peaceful," she said softly, holding the Orc child close to her own body.

She could feel the childs warmth, creeping into her own body. Zaeden, watching the scene, smiled."You have my word... I shall not."

He did not want to; he was enjoying the scene, and picturing her instead cradling their own child close to her bosom; her eyes looking up at him tenderly. Coughing softly, he stood up; heading to the door, he murmured, "Are you hungry? Perhaps I should get you something to eat."

He walked out the doorway, down the narrow hall to what he considered the living room. Seeing Ari'Celia catching up with Ninoz, he walked over and spoke quietly to Rekghar. The other Orc smiled briefly, nodding towards the cooking area as he moved to sit next to Ari'Celia; his well muscled arm reaching to hold Ari close as he listened to them talking. Zaeden smiled as he listened to his second in command, catching up with his sister; deep down, he was very glad he was able to find her. Going to the cooking kettle hovering over the fire, he leaned over to reach for a spoon, a bowl, and some bread. Spooning some of the savory stew into the bowl, he carried it delicately balanced in his well maintained hands as he walked into the bedroom. He smiled as he watched Aubrea slip the small Orc girl into the crook of the bed beside her. She smiled as she reached for the bowl; taking at first a delicate sip, mindful of its heat, she started to greedly devour the contents of the bowl. Polishing the last of the bowl off, she handed it to Zaeden, blushing as she murmured, "I always seem so hungry around you..."

His eyes narrow in a feral manner; dark desire burned in their depths at her words. Her body, her nearness enflamed his senses, made him want nothing more than to be with her. Grinning to hide his reaction, he said quietly, "As I said before... there is nothing wrong with a woman who has an appetite."

His fingers caressed her cheek, as he plucked the bowl out of her grasp. She blushed at his wording; she looked down at the child, smiling soflty. "This one... she seems to like me so," she said, her fingers tracing the delicate cheek of the small child.

She murmured in soft protest, rubbing her face against the Elven woman's hand. Zaeden watched; he was purely entranced by her beauty, and her love of things not many women would dare even get close enough to touch. Ari'Celia came into the room, holding an herbal tea; she smiled as she watched Aubrea. "Ye will be a good lass fer bein' a mum," she said wisely, staring at her small showing stomach.

A smile played on Ari'Celia's lips as she picked up the child; the wee one opened her eyes briefly in protest; she wanted nothing more than to stay snuggled into the nest she had made. Ari looked to the Elven woman before saying mysteriously, "S' a good t'ing yer gettin' used t' the wee ones now."

Aubrea blinked; Zaeden growled softly, his mind flittering back to Talivan. That bastard, touching her... marking her... his face formed a savage look, as he murmured as calmly as he could, "Aye.. you will be a good mother, this I am sure of."

Aubrea smiled up at him; her hand reaching for his as she said quietly, "I did not thank you for what you did."

Zaeden smiled at her; his fingers caressed her cheek as he said, "I would not have it any other way."

Stepping to the doorway, he flashed a brief, charm filled grin as he said,"As for now... I will start gathering supplies for our troops. You shall rest. "

Aubrea's lids droop at his words; she did not realize that Ari'Celia had slipped a sedative into her drink. Her head sank back into the pillows; her eyes closed against her own will, as she began to doze. Zaeden, following Ari'Celia out of her room, asked quietly, "Will she be alright?"

Ari nodded briefly, "Aye... she will be. She will also be verra sore, as well as closer t' ye," she murmured, holding her child close as she headded toward her own room.

He stared after her, a bemused expression on his face as he headed out of the door. Ninoz spent a good amount of time with his sister; seeing it was getting dark, he murmured to her finally, "I have to go, for just a bit. I will be back in the morrow, or soon after, I promise," he said, hugging her closely as he stepped out the door.

He called back, "Got to make sure the supplies for the Garrison is prepared correctly."

He jauntily headed towards the center of town. As he passed the Drag, he saw a slender Elven woman; his eyes were drawn to her pale, perfect features; her pale blonde hair very unusual to see in this town. He followed close by, watching the pale beauty; he knew this night, he would claim her. His confidence was apparent, as he followed her. As she stepped into the Valley of wisdom, heading towards the Inn, he finally stepped behind her; clearing his throat, he murmured, "I noticed you needed help; you dropped this."

He held up a package of hers, his fingers spread in a placating gesture. Her eyes widened; here was a Death Knight of all things, and offering to help her! What an unusual thing... she thought to herself, a smug look on her lips that quickly curved in a desire all their own."Why thank you, sir knight," she said, her deep emerald eyes devouring his face it seemed, as she licked her lips subconsciously.

His eyes followed her tongue, as she whispered, "Let me offer you something to drink."

"Just some of this," he said, taking a sip of a flask he kept on his side.

Grinning wickedly, he held it to her."Take a sip... it should not hurt you at all," he promised, his eyes lighting up.

She took a sip; feeling the heat in her blood, she took a shuddering breath. It was as if her blood was on fire. She could feel tingling all along her body. She wriggled her finger, beckoning him in her room; he followed her in, a grin on his lips."I admit... I do not usually let strange men into my sleeping quarters..." she said, a blush slightly staining her cheeks.

He smiled a toothy grin as he muttered lowly, "Ninoz Scourgebane, at your service."

He spoke, moving closer to her body; inhaling her fragrance, he grunted lowly. She smelled exotic; untameable even. He reached out, boldly pressing his hand against her breast; he could feel her nipple rising under the palm of his hand. Growling softly, he pressed her against the door, wrapping her legs around his waist; he had never felt such a wave of desire, even during his lifetime. Her fingers gripped his skin; her moans surrounded him as well as her legsdid his waist as she ground against him. "I hope you do not frighten easily..." he growled; his lips and teeth lustfully bit and kiss at her neck, he was highly aroused.

The blonde, petite elf could do no more than moan, grinding herself against him, he could feel the wet cloth pressing against his hand.He tore at her clothing, beyond caring if she was willing or not; the bloodlust had kicked in, making him as savage as his ancestorsonce were. He pulled her to the bed; tossing her down upon it, he looked down at her lustfully. She looked up, panting; licking her lips, she murmured, "Fuck me... hard... tie me up, make me yours!"

She growled, grinding against his hardness. He oblidged; tearing her bedsheets to form make-shift ties as he began to tie her to the bedpost. Growling lustfully, without thought, he began to shove his hardness deep inside of her body. She groaned, filled beyond belief, as she was savagely ridden by this beast... this man. Her pussy clenched his cock, soaking him beyond belief; his eyes closed, his throat worked as he growled, wanting nothing more than to possess her this night. Fucking her hard... fast, savage as the beasts they compared each other to, he spread her legs, enjoying the view of his cock plunging into and out of her tight elven hole; he had always wondered what it would be like, to sink his hard cock into an elf pussy. As he felt her spasming, orgasming already, he growled lustfully as he filled her swift, fast, and hard. Her heels locked around his waist; her cries echoing in the room, yet neither noticed or cared; all either could think of, was the earth-shattering orgasm they shared. He leaned up soon after; he unknotted the strands, rubbing her wrists as he pulled her arms beside her body. She sighed; closing her eyes, she soon fell asleep, his body pressed close to her side.

The dawn found people barely stirring; the mysterious blonde woman awoke first. Looking down at the Orc in her bed; she blushed softly; gathering up her clothing, she slipped out of the room largely unoticed by Ninoz, for he slept deeply. Later, as the sun filled the sky, Ninoz stretched, waking slowly; looking around, he frowned in disappointment, as he saw the mysterious Elven woman had disappeared. He stood, dressing slowly as he stretched his body, mindful of being sore. Grinning, he thought about the reason he was feeling so; he walked jauntily towards his sisters house. Zaeden awoke, feeling rather sore himself; he was not sore for the same reason. He looked down at Aubrea, laying in the bed; a tender smile curving his lips as he leaned down, caressing her face slowly. She blinked, waking slowly; feeling his fingers on her face, she smiled softly."Good morning..." she murmured, her hand capturing his.

He grinned as he sat on her bed side. "I was wondering when you would awaken, sleepyhead," he murmured, fluffing the pillows behind her back as he helped her up.

She smiled softly at him; settling in, she murmured, "I feel much better."

"I am so sorry, for being such a bother..." she looked chagrined; he put a finger to her lips, shaking his head.

"I am sorry.. I should have stayed closer," Zaeden said, guilt in his eyes.

Aubrea shook her head, running her fingers along his chin, she could feel the strength in his body. "You came to my rescue... that is all that matters," she said quietly, her eyes solemn as she gripped his hand.

He nodded slowly, looking at her, he said quietly, "I promise to watch over you... no matter what, no matter who stands between me and my promise."

Zaeden promised solemnly; as all Paladin's usually did. Aubrea knew instinctively that he would keep his promise. Ari'Celia walked into the room; she could feel the tenderness between the two. Carrying a tray, she settled it upon Aubrea's lap."Yer t' eat all o' this. An' if no', yer man can help ye," she grinned, winking as she walked back out.

Aubrea looked at the closing door, her jaw agape in shock."She thinks..." Aubrea began.

Zaeden shook his head. "Don't bust the poor lass's bubble. I would hate to explain," Zaeden murmured, secretly enjoying her saying so about his Aubrea.

Then he realized it... he thought of her as his. Even knowing that Talivan was a strong part of her life, he wanted to be a part ofher life too. He knew her love of Talivan would be a major hurdle, but he knew also that Aubrea had a deep attraction for him. Even though Aubrea carried Talivan's child, it was a hurdle he would leap over any day. He grinned as he passed her a spoon to eat with; he sat back down, his mind wandering. Aubrea watched him from under her eyelashes as she ate; her mind was also wandering. "What would it be like, to be held by him again..." Aubrea thought to herself; she shook her head of her guilty thoughts, enjoying the food. Not too long after her breakfast, Ninoz arrived at the house; his voice carrying through the house, as he called out, "Ari! Where is my sister, ehh?"

Ari, hearing her brother, ran outside. Hugging him tight, she looked up at him."I had wondered where you went, you rascal! Had me worried ye did," she said quietly; she looked into his eyes.

"I had to finalize our supplies we are bringing back to the camp."

Ari's eyes lit in sorrow; her hand rested on his arm as she whispered, "You are returnin' soon, aren't ye?"

Ninoz nodded slowly; his eyes saddened as he murmured, "I wish I could figure a way t' be here for ya."

Zaeden, hearing this, called out as he walked into the room, "Why not hire Rekghar and Ari'Celia to become Shaman's for the Troops? We have seen and you know they can heal... and they will lend a much needed moral support."

Zaeden spoke quietly, looking to his second in command. Watching Ninoz's face light up, he grinned."Plus in these times, cannot have families too far apart," he said; his eyes on the children running about, laughing.

Ninoz pattedZaeden on the back, as he uttered, "You amaze me sometimes, Elf."

He only called Zaeden that when he was emotional; Zaeden smiled, punching Ninoz on the shoulder."We are in dire need... cannot have Aubrea being the only one."

He smiled, looking to Ari and Rekghar. Ari was very happy about the idea. Rekghar on the other hand looked unsure, but nodded anyway."We will go where we are needed; we serve the Horde," Rekghar spoke quietly; his eyes solemn as he spoke.

They spoke about the idea quietly, mindful of Aubrea resting not too far away; after a bit, Ninoz, Zaeden, and Rekghar headed off to the stables; their goal to obtain Ari and Rekghar mounts to ride with their children to the camp.Later, the animals were brought to Ari's small house; Aubrea was carried out gently by Zaeden, to be temporarily held by Ninoz as Zaeden mounted. Settling her in, Ninoz trailed Paragon behind his own mount. Rekghar and Ari rode upon Black Worgs; the children mounted in front of Ari except for her oldest, her son. He rode with Rekghar, grinning as he held on. They headed to the gates, whistling to the pack animals as they rode off towards the Barrens; they took it much slower, as they left Orgrimmar, mindful of Aubrea with her lingering injuries, as well as Ari and her wee ones. The sound of hooves echoed about the Barrens as they headed to Splintertree and awaited their new assignments.

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