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PostSubject: CHAPTER SIX: ONE CANNOT RESIST   Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:08 pm

All throughout that night, Dreyden showed Arabellia things she did not know. How many ways a woman could be truely made love to, by a man. How he could do so desperately...tenderly...romantically. They slept sporadically; neither wanted to waste one moment they had together, for neither knew how long it could possible last. When he was not making her his own, he was holding her close; stroking his hands down her back, pressing her frame to his own. They were two puzzle pieces; apart, they could not find their right match, but together, they were each others perfect fit.

Dreyden would watch her when she slept; he marveled all aspects of her. She was always what he had looked for; a woman who was smart, bright, very dear to his heart. He wanted nothing more thant to spend the rest of his life with her and he knew to make it so, he would have to approach things slowly. He wanted nothing more than to shout to the stars of his great love for Bella, but did not want her to run. The last time they spoke of their love, her eyes had held such a fear; he wanted to do nothing more than to show her it would be alright. Sighing, Dreyden pulled Arabellia close to him; she murmured in her sleep, reaching a slim arm around his waist, pulling herself close to his well muscled body. Smiling, he rested his chin on her head as he let his eyes drift shut; he soon fell asleep.

Dawn came too quickly for the two lovers; Dreyden woke first. Stretching slightly, he stayed still. He watched her sleep, content to drink in the natural beauty she radiated. Time had went by slowly, or so it seemed, until Arabellia began to awaken; she stretched languidly first, letting her arms go above her head. The dark sooty lashes of her eyes caressed her cheeks before they opened. When she spotted him, a dark red blush suffused her cheeks; she ducked her face into his chest instinctively, breathing in his heady scent. He chuckled softly, caressing her hair as he murmred, "Good morning, Love."

She mumbled, as she reached for her outfit; seeing parts of it were missing, she blushed even more as she took the thin sheet to cover her modestly; little did she know it did nothing more than emphasize her curves to his eyes. He licked his lips, barely controlling the urge to pull her back into the bed they shared, to ravage her yet again. He satisfied himself by devouring her with his eyes; she noticed the hot, hungry look that grew in them and she turned away, muttering softly that she needed to go to the bathroom. Dreyden grinned as he laid back on his bed; hands behind his head, he re-lived last night. Each moan, each gasp; the feeling of completeness. He closed his eyes, though one could see he wasn't at rest; merely thinking.

The thoughts that ran through his mind would tire anybody. Thinking about what he had done to her the night before, to how wonderfully she responded to his touch...his kisses, his caresses. His cock became hard just from those thoughts alone; stifling the urges barely, he stood up and began to dress. Arabellia walked in, fully clothed from her trip to the restroom. Stopping, her jaw agape as she studied Dreyden's backside. Strong, sturdy. My oh my, wasn't he very handsome...she thought to herself, her eyes caressing his very manly form.

Licking her lips, she made note of the curvature of his spine, his...buttocks... she blushed as she looked at his backside. Suddenly, he turned around; looking deep into her eyes; next thing she knew he was standing before her. Arabellia's mouth widened, though no sound came out; her eyes were glued to Dreyden's smooth chest. Still naked, he had barely pulled his pants up, fastening them closed. His chest was naked, glistening slightly with the exhertion he had put to get dressed so far. His tennis-taunt abdominal muscles clenched tightly, a sexy v-shape lead down just below his fastened pants. Licking her lips, her eyes met his; he could see the helpless look...the wonder as she stared so openly. Dreyden smiled tenderly, pulling her close to his body, whispering softly in her ear as he ran his fingers along her back. Before anything could stir, the flap of the tent opened. Talivan and Aubrea walked in, hand in hand; they were both looking for Dreyden and Arabellia. Aubrea's jaw dropped in shock; Talivan on the other hand, had a wolf's grin upon his lips. "Dreyden you dog..." he said, a teasing slint in his eyes.

Arabellia, hearing Talivan, blushed a violent red that almost, but not exactly matched the color of her sisters hair. She knew that both Aubrea and Talivan had seen how herself and Dreyden looked, and she was purely embaressed about the situation. Dreyden on the other hand, showed no shame as he turned to face them. Aubrea continued to stare, secretly admiring Dreyden's strong frame; seeing exactly what Arabellia sought over his rippling body.

"Don't say another word, Talivan," Dreyden said, a warning noticeable in his tone.

Talivan's grin dimmed; nodding, he wrapped his arms around Aubrea. "Just wanted to tell you both the good news. Aubrea agreed to marry me," Talivan said, pride and happiness danced in his voice.

Aubrea wrapped her arms around his waist, nodding, thought she had a un-settling look in her eye. "I finally decided to put him out of his misery," she said, a teasing grin curved her lips.

Talivan let a mock look of hurt cross his face; kissing the top of her head, he said, "Took her long enough."

He coughed, clearly teasing, she punched him as she giggled softly. Dreyden and Arabellia watched them closely; their thoughts running the same path. If they can be happy...maybe it was possible for the both of them as well. Arabellia's head subconsciously lad against his chest; Dreyden pressed her close, rubbing her back soothingly. They then parted, to give the happily engaged couple hugs; joking and laughing as they left the tent.
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