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PostSubject: CHAPTER FOURTEEN: ITS INSANE   Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:49 am

The next morning found the camp bustling with activity. The occupants were preparing to depart for Ashenvale. Dreyden, Talivan, and Rekghar were found making a small pallet; it was to be made to drag behind Aubrea's horse, Paragon, to carry her on its surface. Arabellia and Ari'Celia were within the girl's tent, nursing Aubrea. She had not awoken, not even stirred yet. Talivan and Arabellia stood by her bedside, helpless; they did not know what to do to make her awaken.

Outside the tent, the surrounding area was packed up, neatly and precisely. They were ready to ride within two hours after the first horn was blown to awaken the camp. Talivan walked out of the tent, bearing his burden carefully. Ninoz held onto Paragon's reins an inpassive look on his face this morning. Zaeden rode up to the group, watching, his eyes glowing with the guilt he felt deep within himself. Talivan looked up briefly when he heard the horse riding in. Spying Zaeden, his face became hard...hatred briefly sparked in his eyes. Shaking his head, he headed toward Aubrea's horse and the makeshift pallet they had attached to Paragon's saddle. Settling Aubrea carefully into the soft bedding, he headed toward his own mount, his gaze somewhat pre-occupied.

Arabellia mounted her horse, Intrepid. She slowly whistled to him as she reached out for Aubrea's mounts reins, her head held in a proud tilt. Her gaze spoke of her fear, yet she bravely sat upon her mount. Dreyden reached up, cupping her hand, he leaned down to kiss it, making soothing sounds as he did so. She nodded slowly, cupping his cheek, she whispered something back to him, her eyes glowing softly. Zaeden watched the exchange between Bella nad Drey, his eyes bespeaking his jealousy, yet happiness for his brother. "How lucky he is..." Zaeden thought to himself as he settle onto his mount back, sighing as he watched the rest of the regiment mounting up.

"Move out! We head to Splintertree Fort," General Scourgebane called out, as he settle tightly on the back of his Wolf.

His Wolf was named Darkclaw. A long story back in the day of his rough childhood and the meeting of the same mount he would still call his companion to this day. Scourgebane headed up the formation, making sure that they stayed tightly together like a pack of herded cattle. They were just passing the Ramparts check point when Ninoz rode ahead, explaining the urgency of their mission to the Commander's in charge. "We have a lady...she is pregnant and injured," he murmurs softly, looking to the older Orc male.

"D' ye want to be responsible for two deaths?"

The male shook his head, an impassive expression upon his face as he murmured, "Make sure you report to the Commander at the Post."

Ninoz nodded as he headed back to the regiment. As he passed by with his Wolf, he heard two Orcs talking. "Did you see that...that Forsaken? What was his problem? Was he crazy? Mad?"

"I do not know...but he was indeed strange...did you see how he dressed? So outlandishly..."

Ninoz shook his head, grunting as he passed them by. "We have the clearance...let us get her there now," he said quietly, looking to Arabellia, he asked her gently.

"Has she stirred?"

"Not once," she said sadly, her eyes glued to her sister.

She was barely aware of her surrounding, staying close to her sister the best she could, her body poised, waiting for any movement from her sibling. "See here! I have rights...rights I say! I belong here, am looking for a friend," a raspy voice yelled, his frame small, yet he stood nose to nose with the Orc males.

"No outsiders allowed into the Forest! We know not your alliegances," the commander spoke, slearly uncomfortable with the attention the other male was drawing.

Arabellia looked up abstactedly. The closer she got, the more she began to recognize the male. "Ch...Chauncey? Is that you," she questioned, rushing toward him.

A wide, crooked smile curved his lips as he gave a nod. His boney hand reached for her small delicate one in a clamy grip. Dreyden stood beside her, his eyes accessing the Forsaken standing before him. "Who is this, love?" he asked, his head tilted to one side.

She blushed as she looked up to him and chuckled softly. "Chauncey..." she started before the Forsaken opened his mouth to fill in.

"Chauncey the Insane, if you must know," he cracked, his eyes narrowing as he looked at Dreyden.

"You! Impudent poup. Why do you look to Bella so? What is he to you, Bella?" Chauncey asked, his eyes narrowing as he did so. His body was in a defensive posture.

"Chauncey no! It's alright...this is Dreyden. He is..." she blushed fiercely, saying she loved him was still so new to her.

"I am her beloved," Dreyden said, a wicked grin on his lips.

He was not so shy about speaking his feelings for her, though he was a little concerned she was. Wrapping his arms around her body, he leaned down to kiss the nape of her neck. Chauncey eyed him and cackled suddenly. "Indeed...indeed."

He straigtened his outlandish jacket as he looked to his mount. The mount looked like no other as if it haunted the very skies as he haunted Azeroth. "I am beholden to Bell. I plan to repay her however I can."

Chauncey's lips split in a grin, wicked and comical as he gripped his mounts reins, swinging what brittle body he had up into the saddle. He leaned down whispering something into the horses ear as the beast nickered, nodding as if in agreement with his owner, or so it seemed. Chauncey settled into his saddle, looking to Bella. "Well, what are we waiting for? We ride!"

Dreyden nodded in agreement, looking back to the rear of the procession, his eyes met Zaeden's. He watched a myraid of emotions race across his face, as his eyes rested on Aubrea's horse drawn pallet. Sadness, pain...even a bit of gilt flashed in those deep green orbs of his. Shaking his head, he called out to the regiment, "Come on all... we have far to ride, if we are to reach Moonglade before long!"

His horse rode lead, just as Mordecai always did. Though a stuborn creature at times, Dreyden loved his mount. Arabellia closed beside him as they headed north toward the Felwoods. Later that night, they reached an area in the Felwoods that seemed not as touched by the death and decay that haunted the very woods itself. Dreyden, Talivan, and Rekghar scouted around, making sure that there was no un-welcome suprises nearby. Chauncey stayed close to Arabellia, not letting her leave his sights as she helped the others bring her sister to the tent that some of the men had erected. Her eyes darkened in worry for her twin, who had still no awoken. "Aubs... this is not like you... why are you not awake still," she murmured to herself, her fingers gripping a cool washcloth.

Peering upon her sisters face, she wiped the cloth softly across her forehead. She frowned in disappointment as her sister did not move...did not react. What will bring you out of this? How is your baby? Arabellia thought to herself silently, letting her hand rest on her own stomach, barely beginning to show a small bump; her baby securely within. As she reached to place her hand on her sister's stomach, the flap opened. Chauncey stumbled in, sauntering more than anything. Arabellia, spotting him, smiled softly. "Dearest glad I am to see you."

Chauncey's eyes glowed back in their sockets, the closest anyone would see to tenderness in the male as he replied, "Owed you one I did. Could not forget a debt, especially to this one."

He said it quietly, resting his boney hand upon Arabellia's shoulder. She nodded slowly as she looked back at her sister. "My blood kin, and I know not how to fix her," she said, sadness ementing from her voice.

Chauncey frowned thoughtfully as he let his fingers rest on Arabellia's cheek. It was like being caressed by a wet sponge, the flesh so moist and chilling. "Bells, you will fix her. You do not give up, oh no no," he said, a hint of who he was showing briefly.

He became still as he stepped back quickly. Noises began to become louder as the mounted calvary rode their way into the encampment. "Soldiers...dismount!" Talivan called out, his voice ringing with authority.

Arabellia shivered slightly as she looked to Chauncey. She was unaware of the look of disgust and dismay sounding in his voice, but Chauncey saw the look; he made a note to find out more about the calvary captain as he stood in the shadwos. The clinging of spurs sounded through the area as the flap to the tent was opened; a brief breeze came in, caressing the hair upon her brow and blowing it out of her face. Dreyden entered the tent first, his eyes going first to Arabellia, letting his gaze devour her before letting his eyes fall narrow on the Forsaken. He made a small sound, indistinguishable by others as he made his way to Arabellia, standing by her right shoulder as he watched her minister to Aubrea. Talivan entered next, his eyes resting on Aubrea as a shiver of disgust rippled through him. She may werll be an invalid...a disgrace too. He thought to himself. She was a fine tail, and he did not want to go look for another to take her place...not yet anyhow. Even though she had to do the disagreeble thing and become pregnant. "I suppose I will have to rear this....child. Thank goodness there are boarding schools for that," he thought to himself, an evil grin curving his lips as he daydreamed.

Chauncey noticed the look on Talivan's face; his head clouded with thoughts as he headed out of the tent. After a few moments, Arabellia packed her small bag and headed toward the flap, Dreyden's hand clasping hers as they headed outside. Chauncey followed behind at a distance that was private enough for the two lovers, yet they were truly not alone. As they headed to their tent, Chauncey turned suddenly and headed toward the stables. "Where is he going in such a rush?" Dreyden asked, his eyes lit with curiousity.

As Arabellia reached for the tent door, she shrugged softly, as she turned to look at him. Reaching up, she softly caressed his cheek, a glimmer of a smile curving her lips as she tugged on his hand again. "Come... I have to go gather some herbs."

Dreyden gave a nod, a quicksilver smile curving his lips. Her heart fluttered as she saw his smile, she knew this was why she cared so much about him. Zaeden watched the two lovers wander off; their eyes only metting each others, not even paying attention to their surroundings. He breathed in a deep, heartfelt sigh. Looking toward the tent they just vacated, he started to walk resolutely toward the entance. Pulling the flag back, he peered in its warm, comfortable depths; seeing Aubrea laying on a well-made pallet of blankets, an Orcish woman standing close to her side as she seemed to be mixing some different potions together. Ari'Celia's head popped up at the sound of the flap opening; seeing the Elf she had spoken to before walking in, she smiled softly, knowingly almost. As he stepped hesitantly toward the bed, she stood up. Patting his arm, she murmured, "The wee one will be fine."

Zaeden's eyes focused on Aubrea's pale, beautiful face. Pain and guilt lit his face as he knelt beside her. Running a finger across hre face, he murmured something far too low for anyone to hear as he let his fingertips run down the side of her face. She moved slightly, so slightly one would wonder if it was her actually moving, or just their imagination. As his hand dropped down to his side, he felt the Orcess's cool hand on his right shoulder as she whispered, "Watch o'er the lass fer a moment...I must get a few more herbs from m'tent."

She shuffled out of the tent, her step seemed a lot longer, her mind captured on a thought. Zaeden stood stiffly at first. He was almost afriad to get close to her, the guilt written across his face. He turned to grip a cool cloth in his hand, wringing the excess water out over the bowl. He turned back around and began to wipe the cloth across her forehead, so smoothly against her cheeks. As he briefly pulled away, he looked down at her face; licking his lips, he set the cloth in the water. Without thought it seemed, he leaned in closer and pressed his lips against hers. As he stood back up, his eyes widened, staring back at him was the rather wide eyes of Aubrea; her mouth was gaped, her pupils dialted slightly as she whispered, "What...what happened?"

"You were very hard. We were very worried, for a while."

Zaeden stood up, his composure crumpled as his hands gripped her right one tightly, very much so. "I...I am so.." he was beginning to speak, until he heard a cough behind him.

Standing up quickly, he saw Talivan standing there; his eyes flared in a dangerous light as he murmured, "Let me to my fiance."

He said it with a rude tone, his emerald eyes narrowing, his chest heaving slightly in anger. Zaeden's eyes flared back in a challenege, but then he backed away and went to stand by the tent door, giving them privacy. "You may leave, Sir," Talivan said cooly, as he went to grip Aubrea's hand.

Zaeden barely contained himself when he saw her flinch away from him. He took great pleasure in telling Talivan, "Sorry "lad"..." he said, a tone of chiding in his voice as he spoke, "The Orcess asked me to keep an eye on her until she came back...all part of the understand."

Tailvan's smart attitude must have been contagious because Zaeden had just caught it. He heard Talivan growl softly, then grunting. "Aye,,,,would not want to see one of the higher ups not doing his job," he said, digging that spur in Zaeden's side.

As they stared each other down, a banked rage flared. They were seconds from jumping on each other when they heard someones throat clear. They looked to see Ari'Celia standing there, her arms akimbo, her glare piercing as she spoke. "The wee lass jus' awoke, and ye wan' t' cause her duress? I t'ink not."

She pointed toward the entance, her eyes sparking in a dark blue fire. "Head yer fight out o' here, an' right now, I say."

Her fingers pointed haughtingly as she swung her head back and forth. Both headed to the entrance, shame faced as they slipped outside of the tent, purposly bumping into each other as they did so. As Zaeden headed towards his tent, he heard Talivan murmore for his ears only, "You best stay away from my fiancee. If I see you near her again..." he let the words drift off threatingly as he headed towards his mount.

Zaeden growled low in his throat as he slung his tent flap open only to let it close quickly. Packing his bad swiftly, he grabbed the saddle bag and headed out to his mount. Slipping the saddlebag on his horses back, he gripped the saddle horn and mounted up. As he began to head out, Dreyden came out of his tent. "Where are you going?"

"Heard our new site is almost ready. Going to supervise preperations," he said, his body spoke beyond mere words.

Nodding slowly, Dreyden looked up to him; gripping his arm, he muttered, "Take care, brother."

Zaeden nodded as he headed out, his body speaking of a great pain, one beyond the scope of words as he slowly became smaller against the molten horizon.
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