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The next morning, they began to pack up the camp. Arabellia was moving slower than the rest; she was sore all over, though she did not admit it. She was worried about slowing the group down, so she gritted her teeth and bore it. Dreyden noticed though; he stayed close, offering his help, yet not babying her. Finally, they thrusted their packs on the back of thier horses; mounted up, and began to ride towards their camp. "It will take us a few days to t' get back there... I will head back now. There will be wounded fer me t' take care of," Ari'Celia said quietly; she began an incantation.

As she did so, she heard Dreyden say quietly, "Thank you again, Farseer, for helping me save her," his eyes showed gratitude.

"But of course, Lad." Ari said; all of a sudden, she was seemingly sucked into an abyssal void; a strange popping noise, and Ari'Celia was gone.

Dreyden placed Arabellia close to himself; he wrapped his arms around her as they rode slowly through the area on the same horse. Aubrea and Talivan rode further ahead, looking for the site they would be sleeping at tonight. Arabellia looked up to the sky; she shivered as she saw the steel-gray clouds rolling over their heads. "It will rain tonight," Arabellia whispered softly.

Dreyden, bending his head down to her mouth, nodded. "Aye... its why we stop for the night, and soon," Dreyden said, as he gathered her close.

Inhaling her fragerance, he made a soft growl-like sound. "I will be with you this night... I will hold you close to my heart," Dreyden said, as he leaned down to kiss her neck; she shivered, but not from fear of him.

She looked up at him, whimpering softly. "I.. I am scared, Dreyden," she said, her eyes miserable, yet desire was rampant in them.

He nodded slowly; gathering her to his body, he let her feel the heat eminating off of himself, as he leaned closer to whisper, "My love... when I am done, you will not fear... believe in me," Dreyden said with calm assurance.

Arabellia nodded slowly; she brung herself closer to his body, letting her fingers caress his arms as she breathed slower, easier. Dreyden brushed his lips against her neck again; he could feel her shiver slightly, as she leaned back against him. Murmuring words of endearment, he let his fingers rest upon her breast, caressing the smooth orafice through her clothing; as he rested his palm on her nipple, he heard her emit a tormented gasp. "That... oh Dreyden...." she whimperd softly; pressing herself against his hand, she looked up at him helplessly.

The fear that was in her eyes was replaced by a desire to feel more than just his hands on her body. She wanted him, more and more; each time his hands left her body, she wished he would not stop. He almost seemed to read her mind this time; letting his right hand reach down, he slowly began to caress her stomach in soft, swirling motions. Arabellia looked ahead of them; Aubrea and Talivan were out of sight. She closed her eyes; a slow, shuddering breath escaped her lips as she leaned back against him with ease. He was touching her in most intimate ways; his fingers on her breast, on her stomach... oh gods, his hand was going lower.

Her breath caught; it seemed she did not breathe, as she felt his fingers resting along her thigh, above her clothing.Finally, his lips met against her ear; he whispered lowly,"When we get to our camp... I will make sure to make you -my- woman. I will do things to you that will drive you insane. You will want no other, will see no other but me in your mind's eye," Dreyden growled, lustfully biting her shoulder as he uttered those words.

Her eyes widened at his words; shaking her head at him, she whispered softly, "But.... I do... gods I do..." she whimpered, laying her head back on his chest this time.

He leaned forward to suckle on the exposed collumn of her neck; bringing his head up, he whispered, "Then.... I shall make you insatiable for me."

He slipped his hand down the front of her loose pants and began to rub gently on the outer rim of her pussy lips. She shivered softly at first; her eyes closed, as she emitted a hiss of pleasure. Digging her fingers into his forearms, she pressed her lower body against his fingers. "You... " she could not finish her thought... she was being driven wild by what he was doing, the feel of his fingers each time they swirled.

Dreyden's eyes scanned ahead of them; he could see in the far off distance, Aubrea and Talivan setting up their camp for the night. He slowed his horse down; he wanted a few more moments of teasing her sweet flesh. He rubbed his hand against her; watching her body's reaction as he touched her, caressing her more swiftly. Her lips parted in a tormented gasp; her fingers digging into his arms as he rubbed against her so intimately. "Dreyden..." she whimpered softly; he leaned close only to whisper in her ear, "Slowly my love... for tonight, I will make your world become filled with nothing but me... I will make your body crave nothing else but my touch," he growled softly.

Pulling his mount to a stop, he slipped off the side. Reaching up, he brought her close to his body, letting her slide down his length. His nostrils flared, when he caught her scent; he knew beyond a doubt, that he had aroused her almost to madness. Gripping her fingers in his hand, he pulled her close to him; whispering something lowly to her ears; she pulled away, blushing as she headed toward her sister. Dreyden on the other hand, walked up to the fire that had been built; rubbing his hands together, he stopped briefly. Holding the palm of his hand up to his nose, he inhaled her delicate scent; smelling the scent of her arousal, he grinned wickedly. Tonight...she was his. Heaven on Azeroth could not stop what he had planned for her; he was going to give her a wonderful memory.

Talivan walked up to Dreyden; patting him on the shoulder in a brotherly gesture, he said quietly, "A good thing, getting her back. She is going to be my sister by law, after all." Talivan said, looking at Dreyden.

"Your sister by law... but my soon to be bride." Dreyden said, confidentally.

Even though Talivan and Dreyden weren't blood related, they treated each other as though they were of the same blood. "You sound awful confident," Talivan said, his eyes meeting Dreyden's.

Dreyden's eyes glowed as he looked up to the sky; he watched the iron-gray clouds forming more tightly, the sky slowly lighting up with the streaks of lightning that seemed to stretch endlessly across the sky as he turned back to Talivan. "This storm, it shall seal my fate to Arabellia," Dreyden said simply.

Talivan looked up at the sky himself; his eyes contemplative as he murmured, "Magical things... beautiful things, can happen on a night like this."

"Indeed... and I intend to make it so, for my beloved Arabellia," Dreyden murmured, his eyes darkening in deep, dark desire of his beloved.

Talivan patted his shoulder, mindful of the more serious of his wounds as he muttered, "I do not doubt it. Come... let us go hunt. We must make sure they have their strength," he calls out, as he straps his sword on his back; sliding his shield on a special strap, he secured it as he headed out to the forest, Dreyden following close along.

Arabellia and Aubrea came out of their tents a short time later; Ara's cheeks still infused with a blush that Dreyden had caused. Aubrea had a small smile, seeing her twin's face; hugging her, she said quietly, "It's nice, to see him cause such a deep feeling in you," she said, as she sat down by the fire.

Arabellia nodded slowly; sitting by the fire, stirring the ashes in a thoughtful manner. Aubrea smiled, nodding as she went to kneel. "Let me examine you, at least... let me feel useful, hrm?"

"Dreyden has done a bit of healing on me while we were riding," Arabellia said, a soft pink blush suffusing her cheeks.

Aubrea grins as she murmured, "I bet he did..." she chuckled, watching her sister's cheeks turn a more dark pink, almost a red hue.

Patting her sisters arm, she murmured, "Let us keep this fire going... though from the clouds above, I swear we will not need it for long."

She ran her fingers through her hair; sticky tendrils of red hair were plastering themselves to her neck, bared from her hair style. She shook her head as she loaded a couple more small branches into the dying fire; it spat and flared before it began to devour the kindling like a hungry meal. Arabellia and Aubrea sat in companionship; they were both thinking of the man they loved, as well as the growing baby in their bellies. Both had something in common this storm-filled night; they were both incredibly happy. Arabellia's hand rested on her stomach; she felt very calm, relaxed... she knew her son would be fine.

Talivan and Dreyden brought back a few game birds to eat; Arabellia and Aubrea prepared the birds, and they roasted them over the fire. As they dined on the fare, the sounds of the thunder rolled with rapid claps, a sign that it was getting closer; they were close to one another. Dreyden held Arabellia close to his body; Talivan had Aubrea close, as they spoke of their plans coming up. Suddenly, a large crash was heard; then, water began to drip on their heads, as the rain began to earnest. "By the gods... well, time for us to get in the tents. Don't want Aubrea and Arabellia getting sick because of this rain," Talivan said, a wide grin curving his lips; he had more than saving her from the rain, on his mind.

Dreyden watched Talivan and grinned himself, "Great minds think a like," Dreyden answered, as they stood up to head for their tent.

Arabellia held her other hand over her head, as she laughed. "The gods... I am getting wet," she said, as she dashed for the tent door.

Each couple made it to their respective tent; Talivan and Dreyden tied the front door flaps of their respective tents tightly shut.; they did not want to be interrupted in any way, this dark and stormy night. Talivan turned around, looking at Aubrea; hunger apparent in his eyes, as he murmured, "Come to me, my love."

Aubrea smiled; she stepped closer to Talivan, slipping the buttons of her pants down as she murmured, "I must get out of these wet clothes."

Talivan simply gave a nod, sitting back to watch. Each time he watched her do this, it made him more aroused; he loved seeing her body. As she slipped the pants off herself, she grinned. "M' thinks you are enjoying what you are seeing," Aubrea said, her eyes glowing wickedly; she began to tug the tunic she wore off her body, her eyes glowing at him seductively as her breasts bounced into view.

Talivan nodded, slowly licking his lips as he did so; he could not take his eyes off her magnificant body. She began to sway seductively, letting her body move to a beat only she could hear; Talivan watched her movements, barely able to control himself from reaching out to touch her body. Finally, he could not take it anymore; he pulled her onto his lap, taking her mouth. Ravaging the delicate surface, he began to run his hands down the curvature of her back, letting his fingers rest on her hips. "Love... you are ravishing tonight," Talivan said, as he pulled away.

She gasped in disappointment, until he pulled her to their small bed. Laying her on it delicately, he began to kiss her all over her body; starting at the corners of her lips, he began to nibble, suck, and lick his way downwards. She shivered and gasped in delight, purely enjoying what he was doing to her body. She reached downwards, finding his cock easily; she moaned softly, as she realized, he was hard and erect for her. "Talivan.... gods Talivan... fill me. Make my body respond to yours...." she whimpered as she arched herself against his hands...his lips....

"Always love," Talivan said quietly; reaching downwards, he felt the damp wet heat between her legs.

Feeling the throbbing, damp slit, he moved to kneel between her legs. Slowly, he filled her with his hardness; cupping her breasts as he did so, he groaned as he felt her squeezing his hardness. "Gods Aubrea.... when you spasm around me like that..." Talivan slipped in deeper, feeling her grip him forcefully... he felt as if he was being driven closer and closer to the edge.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, riding against him; she could not stop thinking about what he was doing to her. Raking her nails along his back, she bit his shoulder forcefully; all she could do was ride against him, crying out against his shoulder. He plunged deeper in, unmindful of anything but the wonder of her body, of how she was his, and only his... he cried out. Moaning as his body began to shudder, he leans down and captures her lips; he wanted to cum for her, then and there. But, he also wanted to make sure she did before him; it was close, he was barely able to hold himself from releasing in her body. She felt the very familiar tempo... she felt his body tightening, though he was trying to hold himself back; she leaned up, biting his shoulder as she began to spasm around his cock."Ahhh.... Talivan..." she moaned, the shuddering spasms of her orgasm rocked through her body; her orgasm hit her body hard
and fast.

As he felt her gripping him tightly, he cried out; the crashing of the storm, the damp heat making their skins slick, their bodies sticking together in their post-orgasm state.

Meanwhile, Dreyden tugged on the ties a moment, making sure they were secure. Looking back at his beloved Arabellia, he smiled tenderly. Any time he was close to his beloved, he was happy, very much so. Pulling her delicate frame close to his body, he leaned in; soothing tender kisses upon her face, her brow, he could taste the salty taste of her sweat soaked skin as well as the rain they had barely just escaped. "Dearest love..." he murmured, as he began to tug her clothing off.

"We must make sure you get out of these damp clothes... we must dry your body off," he murmured, as he ran a clean cloth along her rain-dampened skin.

She hissed in delight, pressing herself against his touch as she whimpered softly. "You are far too good to me, Dreyden." she said, rubbing her body against his hands.

She never knew such gentleness, such caring...not unless it was with him. He was so sensitive, so caring... she adored him so very much. She turned, looked into his eyes; she smiled softly as she placed her right hand against his cheek. Looking deep into his eyes, she murmured, "I would give you so much... for you always do, to me," she said, wonder creeping into her voice.

He smiled at her tenderly; blinking at first in confusion as she undressed him than kneeled before him. Staring up at his now naked form, her eyes seemingly worshipped him as she leaned forward; her lips touched his stomach, as her eyes met his. His breath came out in a tormented hiss as his fingers caressed her face. "Ara..." he murmured, his fingers tangling in her hair; he could not believe what she was doing to him... he then lost his train of thought.

"Ahh gods..." he groaned; he pressed himself closer to her as she looked up at him; letting her tongue dart out, she touched the head of his cock.

"I want to give to you, as you have to me, so many times..." she said, gripping his hips; she let her tongue dart around the tip, tasting the pre-cum that was steadily leaking out.

His body shuddered wildly with what she was doing to him; he never expected her to do something so intimate to his body, but by the gods...he growled, suddenly pulling her up. Her eyes widened as he pointed to the cot.

"Kneel," he said simply; he had never been so forceful before.

Her eyes widened as she rushed to obey, kneeling face first on the cot; her face rested against the bedding, shaking in desire and anticipation as she saw him kneel behind her; placing his left hand on her hip, she saw him reach down to grip the base of his cock. Brushing the head against her pussy, wet and glistening in desire, he groaned; suddenly and very slowly, he began to sink deep in her hot, yearning depths. She cried out; her body shaking wildly, as she felt him buried deep within her body. He could feel the heat-dampened skin, as sweat popped up along his chest the both of them slick from the heat and wetness of the storm; he could not hold still, as he moved deeper inside her body. She gripped the sheets, riding back against him; her breath coming in hot gasps as she spread her legs wider, begging him to bring himself in deeper.

He did, but with care; as much as he wanted his beloved, and wanted her aroused to her limits, he took care for the small one that she carried deep within her womb; a making of his and her body, something he cherished as much, if not more than anything in this world. His fingers raked slowly down her back, as he growled. He gripped her hair, gently though as he began to rub more earnestly against her hot slit. She arched her back out; moaning as her body showed her how close she was to her orgasm; looking up at him, she moaned softly. "Dreyden.... gods... you drive me to the brink! Gods I want you to cum with me..." she said, licking her lips as she looked over her shoulder.

Her body was bouncing wildly, her legs spread wide as he plunged into her hard and hot; her long dark hair spilling over her shoulder in wantom abandon, as he made mad, passionate love to her. He only grinned; reaching down, he began to rub her belly, her breasts; he could feel her body jumping in sensual suprise; her body quaking faster as she threw her head back, moaning. Slowly, he reached down; he felt her spasming faster and faster. "Cum for me, my love... I care not if anyone can hear what I do to you, I want you to scream as I fill you deep inside," Dreyden cried out; he reached down, pinching her clit as he did so.

The thunder rolled loudly outside their tent masking all that was happening in the camp at that moment. Her eyes widened; a keening sound emitted from her lips as she began to have an orgasm. Her moans pierced his ears and sent hot prickles up his back as he felt himself being pulled over the edge by ever moan that escaped Arabellia's lips. Wave after wave, she rode against him, being filled hot and hard as his orgasim came within seconds of her own. Their sweat soaked bodies sticking together, as their shared orgasm spasmed through their bodies, slower and slower 'til finally, they laid on the cot; both panting as he gathered her close to his body. "Dreyden...." she murmured, though her eyes were closing.

Dreyden simply kissed her forehead, "Sleep my love... Sleep, for now."

The storm continued to crash around them; both could hear though, it slowly distancing itself fromthe two lovers. She nodded slowly; her head resting against his shoulder as she closed her eyes, and fell to sleep. Dreyden took a little while longer; his mind was on her, and their baby. I best have Ari'Celia check Ara over... make sure they were both alright. Dreyden thought to himself; his hand caressing her body slowly, relaxed as her breathing slowed into a deep slumber. Please... please let her and the baby be safe... He thought; his eyes began to close on their own. Sighing, he gathered her body close to his, letting his body finally succumb to slumber.
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