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PostSubject: CHAPTER FIVE: LEAD ME NOT INTO TEMPTATION   Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:49 pm

Talivan walked along; a grin upon his lips. Tonight was the night; he had the ring ready, waiting for just the right moment. He only had one thought in his mind: He would be asking his beloved Aubrea to marry him. He looked closely at the ring; polishing it, making it sparkle with a life of its own, he
started to pocket it. Running into Dreyden, he jumped, startled. "Gesh, need to watch where you are going."

He placed the ring protectively in his pocket, looking at him. "Almost made me lose the second most important thing in my life at this moment."

Dreyden chuckled, looking to Talivan, he murmured, "I assume you are going to see Aubrea tonight....again," he coughed delicately, a wolfish grin crossing his sensual lips.

"Indeed...tonight, I plan to ask her," Talivan said, an answering grin crossing his mouth.

Dreyden's eyes widened, suprise mirrored in their depths. Grinning broadly, he punched Talivan's shoulder. "About damned time. As long as you have known each other, and all you have been doing, you better make her honorable."

Dreyden grinned as he looked at Talivan. Talivan eyed him back curiously. "What's that suppose to mean?"

"As if I cannot hear you two in her tent late at night. I am not a fool, Talivan."

Dreyden tapped Talivan's shoulder for good measure. "You're doing right by her, making her honest."

Dreyden gave a ghostly smile, simply stating that he planned to make an honest women out of Bella given their time together. Talivan's eyes widened in suprise. "Wait.. you two... have..."

"No. Not yet. But it will happen. It's pre-destined. And when it does, I shall make her mine. Assuming she'll have me that is," Dreyden said with a grin, his lips curving.

Talivan gave a nod as he patted the ring in his pocket. "Tonight, can Bella come see you," he asked hopefully.

Dreyden's eyes widened; his gaze contemplative. "Indeed. Just let me know, and I will distract her while you speak with Aubrea, Dreyden said, fighting to hold back a grin.

Later on that night, Talivan was preparing for his visit with Aubrea. Looking over at Dreyden, his eyes became contemplative. So, you have been in love with her for a while now, Talivan thought to himself. Grinning to himself, he slipped the brush through his hair a final time. "Do me a favor, go ahead and see if you can distract Arabellia, while I talk to Aubrea," Talivan asked, as he headed out the tent.

Dreyden nodded, as they head over to the girls side. Finally reaching Aubrea and Arabellia's tent, Talivan called out Aubrea's name; both girls peeked their heads out. A matching pair of smiles, soft and sentimental, wreathed their faces as they welcomed Dreyden and Talivan into their cramped area. They spoke for a while on different things that had been happening, as both Talivan and Dreyden frantically thought of a way to seperate the twins, so they could speak. Dreyden decided to take the bull by the horns, when he said to Arabellia, "I must speak to you."

Arabellia's eyes widened slightly; looking to her twin, franticly, she saw that Aubrea was already distracted by Talivan. Damned it...he has me, Arabellia thought to herself as she only nods, following him out of the tent. "We can go back to mine and Talivan's tent, you can sit comfortably," Dreyden said quietly, heading toward the boys side, a nice nightly stroll.

Arabellia followed behind, her head bowed as she thought to herself, how do I act, what do I say... being in love is such a very scary feeling. One that could not be easily swept a side like so much rubbish. Arabellia's eyes were distant, contemplative as she continued to think to herself. Dreyden watched the myraid emotions flash across her face; he let his face go blank as he admired each little wrinkle that creased her forehead. Her expressions, it was always one of the things he loved dearest about her.

Making their way into the tent, Dreyden watched Arabellia sit down on the couch; he slipped down beside her, keeping a distance...for now. She watched him, licking her lips as her eyes met his. Fear, love, tenderness, those emotions flashed so vividly across her face when she got lost in deep thought. Dreyden reached up, caressing her cheek as he made her look into his eyes. Shaking his head slowly, he leaned in; his teeth catching her lower lip; sucking delicately on the tender flesh as he wrapped his arms around hers. Shock, suprise, then acceptance was seen in her beautiful eyes; her arms wrapping around his in a welcoming gesture, pressing herself close. Dreyden moaned softly; pressing himself close to her, letting his finger run along the delicate arch of her back, down to the hollow above her buttocks in a soothing, yet seductive manner.

A soft whimper emitted from her lips as her body pressed close to his, wanting to be as close to him as she possible could. Dreyden pushed her back against the cushions of the couch they were sitting upon; his eyes devouring her every curve as he reached to slip her shirt over her head. He leaned down, holding her lips captive; she whimpered as she kissed him back. His tongue, like a eager eel admiring a cave, first invaded her lips, caressing in the forgotten promise of a lover as he claims her mouth... her body... her very being.

He ran his hands along her body possesively, he claimed her as his own with just a touch of his lips. Lips the color of moonlit ruby wine; and just as intoxicating. She looked at him, her eyes wild, desire filling their dark emerald depths. Dreyden's gaze, green-eyed and clear, met hers; the look molten, he pushed her even further back. Her eyes watched him, drinking in everything he was doing. He let his fingers first rest on her lips; caressing them as he leaned in to kiss her on the chin. Her eyes widened; startled, she pressed her body close to his, seeking his warmth and comfort she had long known.

He pulled back, after a moment; pressing her body against the cushions, he grinned. The curving of his lips was not one of amusement; rather a desire long hidden but was being reavealed, to herself and the world. Her breath caught in a gasp; it was cut off when his lips claimed hers again; dark, possesive, tenderness... it was all within the kiss. This kiss was driving her to madness; how could she withstand the feeling of this kiss, withstand him?

Dreyden's eyes became almost smokey; he kissed his way down from her lips, pausing at each pulse point until he reached her beautiful rounded breasts. He blew a soft puff of air, her words torn from her lips as his tongue suddenly stroked over a nipple, dissolving her thoughts. Her gaze jerked down once again, watching, lips parted as he stared up at her with those deep green eyes, and parted his own lips and sucked the tight, hard tip of her nipple inside with exquisitely slow motion. Damp male lips parting, licking, suckling softly on the skin.

His tongue curled over the hard tip before it disppeared inside his mouth and cold flames engulfed it. Immediately, a blazing sensation streaked the tender bud before it rippled downward, hot and luscious straight to her clit. There it tightened the muscles of her vagina and sent a surge of moisture to lubricate the sensitive folds of her pussy as the muscles there clenched and tightened with a need she had never felt before. She ran her fingers through the jet black strands of his hair, tugging frutilely, even though she knew not what for.

Dreyden did though; his eyes devoured her as he continued to assault her nipples, placing a hand against her back, forcing her to arch slowly upwards to allow him more access. He pulled his lips back, looking at the swollen nipple, a sensual pleasure written all over his face. He reached up, taking the sensitive, swollen nub into his right hand fingers, tugging on it as he sucked the other nipple into the warmth of his mouth. He was driving her crazy. She felt as if her body was going crazy. She was wet and hot. Her body was sensitized, sinking, melting, and suddenly, nothing mattered but this man and the feel of his lips surrounding her nipple, suckling at it with firm, strong draws of his mouth, as his right hand left the breast he had been playing with to slid down to her waist, moving her closer against his thigh.

With her closer to him yet, he began his assualt down her body. She cried out in a loss as she felt his lips tenderly kissing her exposed skin. She whimpered, not thinking as she thought about his lips exploring even futher down her body. She had never felt anything like this before; it felt as if her body was on fire, each place his lips touched burned her more. She felt her body throbbing as it had never throbbed before; not even when she had touched herself, when she had thoughts about Dreyden.

He let his lips feast on every curve of her body; leaving no surface untouched, he worshipped her as he had always dreamed he would. Working his way down her, inch by inch, his lips finally rested at the curve of her stomach; he could feel the fluttering in her stomach as her fingers tightened around the strands of his hair. She was pushing him downwards, though she did not realize it. He did though, and didn't complain, simply obeyed her demand; kissing his way further down, he let his lips rest on the top of her mound. She whimpered softly; pressing herself against his lips, she cried out for what, she did not know...but he did.

Her stomach clenched, tightened. The overwhelming feeling was like a fire tearing through her pussy. Spreading the swollen lips, he could already see her inner lips glistening; inhaling, he could smell the depths of her arousal. Parting her lips wider, he could see the jewel nestled within; he breathed in her scent, the feeling of his breath brushing against the swollen, aroused flesh cause Arabellia to shudder. She tugged on his hair and muttered his name, "Dreyden....please...."

She knew not what she was asking. All she knew was, the kisses he was delivering to her body was driving her insane. She was in no way prepared for what he did next. Drawing his lips downward, he kissed the very lips his fingers had teased and touched before. Gasping, she pressed against his lips; her legs tightening around his head as he kissed it again. Tasting her dew, he dove into her hot pussy with abandon. He had experienced arousal before, but never something like this; nothing that drove his body to want, to make him hard as marble before he even penetrated her body with his own.

His tongue ravaged her pussy lips, his fingers digging into her hips as he devoured her, she could feel her legs jerking with each calculated lick. He slid his tongue up one side of her aching slit, down the other; when he came back up to her clit, he took it delicately between his teeth. Moaning in abandon and sedire, she rubbed herself willingly against his lips as she threw her head back; moaning once more she continued to rub against his lips, she whimpered. Dreyden took the kernel between his teeth; nibbling on it as well as suckling, he could feel her body become more and more aroused; the scent of her pussy wafted to his nose, as he buried his face between her legs, licking as it possesed.

Arabellia whimpered loudly; tugging on his hair, she looked down at him; her eyes darkened by desire....want...adoration, she whispered softly, "Dreyden...make love to me. Claim me, make me yours...please..."

As he heard these words, his breath caught in a rough gasp; as his tongue devoured her hot, aching center, he kept pushing. As her legs began to shake in earnest, he dug his fingers into her flanks. She arched, her head thrown back, a hoarse scream emitting from her lips as began to orgasm. She felt herself explode. She felt that first stroke of agonizing sensation before it overtook her and threw her so high, so hard, into a maelstrom of pure heat and she lost all concept of right and wrong, reality and fantasy.

Her body spasmed beneath his; shaking violently, she sprawled as her orgasm came to a creamy conclusion. Dreyden, licking his lips much as a cat would, satisfied at her climax,laid her back; spreading her legs, wrapping the left one around his waist, he reached down. Gripping his iron-hard cock, he took the very head, brushing it against the center of her arousal; panting slightly as he felt the devouring heat and wetness emitting her from very center...her very being.

Arabellia felt the width of the crest pushing inside her, the throb of it, as his breath came in a startled gasp; feeling the slick folds of her pussy, she arched trying to drive him further as she felt her pussy clenching, milking the head of his cock as her juices flowed around it. Her thighs opened wider, knees bending, legs lifting until they cradled his hips, opening herself the best she could as her hands smoothed down his biceps and back again. The muscles were tight beneath her touch, sweat sheening his face as she stared up at him. He pushed with determination, yet tenderness; his sensual assault.

Arabellia at first, cried out in pain; the pain disappearing quickly, replaced by a fullness she had never experienced before in her life. She pressed herself close to Dreyden's body, savoring the heat...the fullness, the absolite completion of their bodies. "Are you okay, love?" His voice was strained as she felt his cock thrust deeper, felt it throbbing tight and hard as her pussy strained to accommodate him.

She did nothing but simply look in his eyes her lips parting in a whimper of desire. He smiled softly as he gave another thrust, feeling himself pulsing, he reached down to stroke her swollen clit. She gasped, tightening her legs around his waist, she shook more. Panting, she leaned up, kissing his chest as she whimpered. He could feel her pussy gripping his cock, she was so tight around him, her body spasming as she began to orgasm. "Oh...oh gods Drey," she screamed; her back arching as her orgasm washed over her very being, almost forcing him out of her. He held his ground as her cries could be heard, though all who did, swore it was a dove crying in the night, or something of the sorts.

She felt him above her, thrusting, heard him groaning, and a second later the heat of his release as it rippled through her pussy, spilling out as it pushed her higher. The sensation felt never ending, spearing through her, exploding in her clit, her pussy, across her nerves. A hard, desperate throb in his shaft echoed through her flesh, as though his cock were pulsing, threatening to swell harder or even wider insider her. Collapsing on her left side, he laid upon his back; gathering her close to his body. It was a good thing breathing was natural, because anything that took thought was impossible. He caressed her back as she snuggled close to his side, laying her head on his chest. She could feel and hear his heart beat, echoing in her ears as she tried to catch her breath. "Dreyden..." she begins.

"Shhh my love...sleep," he murmured, kissing the top of her head. She wanted to speak, to say something, but her body was too relaxed; closing her eyes, she soon fell a sleep. He was soon to follow, his body totally at ease.
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