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 Unexpected [Written my dear friend, Fyve Troll]

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PostSubject: Unexpected [Written my dear friend, Fyve Troll]   Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:51 pm

I'wilo (ee wee low) : Chance encounters 1
The tall, lanky troll sauntered through the city with natural ease. His long arms swung at his sides lazily as he strolled toward the tavern. The tall, proud crest of white hair that rose from his scalp and continued to the base of his skull moved slightly in the desert breeze. His presence didn't go unnoticed in the crowded late-night city.
At 7'10", he easily towered over even the tallest denizens of Orgrimmar. His typical trollish, hunched posture did nothing to hide his massive size; and yet he moved fluidly through the crowd, with a grace belied by his immense size.
He was actually quite small for his race. The Drakkari trolls that inhabited the harsh, snowy places of Northrend were typically large creatures... Their vicious reputation was well-earned. A Drakkari was not a force to be reckoned with. He grinned as he passed through the press of the crowd, enjoying the way people of all races seemed to step aside for him without making any conscious effort. The crowd parted before him and closed in his wake like a fog.
He was virile, powerful, and enjoying life to the fullest since he'd found his way to the desert and warm-forested continent of Kalimdor. He was a big male, here. Whereas he'd been dwarfed by his own people, he played the part of the alpha male quite well here. He held no position of power, preferring to wander about on his own as he learned the language and experienced the many cultures. Still, his presence was commanding. He was seen when he wanted to be seen.
If his size didn't draw attention, his manner of dress certainly did. He sported a tabard... A sleeveless, silken shirt that was gathered at the waist by his weapon belt. The front and back were split and dangled to just between his knees, when he wasn't standing up straight. The tabard was a rich, dark blue that looked black in the moon-and-torchlight of the city. One generally wore a tabard over their clothing. The troll let the tabard serve as his entire outfit, completed with black fingerless gloves, deep, bruised-plum wrist wraps, darkest brown leather cuffs that covered his legs from the ankles to the calves, fingerless, soft black gloves that protected his palms but allowed him to grip easily... His daggers gleamed in the moonlight, as did his gold-flecked, reddish-brown eyes.
The tabard displayed a large, tribal image of a spider... To match the tattoo that dominated his chest. The tattoo beneath the tabard was primitive to say the least. It bore layers and layers of scar tissue, as the natural regenerative properties of a troll made it difficult for all but the deepest wounds to leave much of a mark.
He slipped into the tavern quietly, his large, two-toed feet making no sound on the wooden floor. The bartender looked up and smiled in recognition. The troll nodded, smiling, his eyes friendly as he drawled in his non-native tongue, "Ah teh'nk ah'd lah'k sah'mteng sweet... Meh'd lah'k ta smell et, pleh's." The barkeep popped the cork off of a tall bottle of dark wine. "Aye, sweet. I think ye'll like this, friend."
The troll passed the bottle beneath his long, hooked nose and nodded, "Lah'k flowahs en berreh's. Verrah nice. How much foah et?" The orcish barkeep recorked the bottle and put out one green hand, handing over the wine with the other. "Three gold, sir." The troll nodded and handed him five. "Enjo'eh yah eh'venin'." He smiled and held up the bottle in fairwell before taking his leave of the stuffy tavern.
A large bonfire had been erected in the center of the city and he paused to stare at it. Popping off the cork, he smelled the wine again and brought the long bottle up between his long, sharp tusks. His full lips closed around the mouth of the wine bottle and he tilted it back, drinking half of it quickly. His throat worked slowly as he gulped the sweet, heady alcohol. His thirst sated, he held the bottle out in his hand as he began to dance to a song that played only in his memory.
His feet planted firmly on the ground, he flexed his knees, the muscles in his thick legs tensing and bulging as he bobbed up and down. The bottle didn't spill a drop as he swung out his legs and arms, dancing with the fire, bathing in it's light and slightly uncomfortable heat.
His neck and chest were covered in a fine sheen of sweat that quickly evaporated into the cool night air as he stepped back from the fire. He spun around again, swinging the bottle as he kicked out with his leg... and locked eyes with a fiery haired vixen of a blood elf.
Her features were sharp and feminine. Her small, oval face dominated by green eyes that could only be described as gorgeous. Her small ears were long at the tops and pointed; miniature, elegant versions of his own long ears that wavered slightly under their own weight, as he turned his head more fully to regard her appraisingly.
He lets his eyes wander to her full, round bosom, before continuing down her small, well-proportioned form to rest on the tiny feet, which were clad in tall leather boots- functional boots, but still very appealing. His gaze travelled back up to her face, but not before pausing to admire her smooth, bare midrift.
The blood elf stared at him intently, a ghost of a smile on her lips. Still, he had to be careful not to scare her off. Towering over her at more than two feet, he must've appeared to be quite the monster, a giant beast... He had to suppress a chuckle at that thought; as it wasn't far from the truth.
Lowering himself to his natural relaxed stoop, and maybe a bit lower just for good measure, he held the bottle close to his chest as he smiled mildly at her, "Ya hah'v ta pah'don meh mannah's.", his eyes held no apology, "Neh'm's I'wilo." He transferred the bottle to his left hand, slowly reaching out his right. The bottle was pressed against his chest and the cool, sweating glass felt wonderful as it helped to disperse the heat of the bonfire that pressed insistently at his back. The white streaks of paint that adorned either side of his long face and prominent jaw shone in the dancing firelight.
Her hand was small, smooth. The fingers long and tapered. The nails perfect and clean and pink. His own fingerless-gloved palm and two long, thick fingers and thumb swallowed her hand and he thought he detected a slight change in the wind... a quickening of the night's own pulse as she allowed her hand to be engulfed in his. "Siobain" (Sigh Oh Bane), she said, her voice clear and sweet with just the slightest hint of a self-assured purr. He maintained his close-mouthed smile but it was difficult not to bare his teeth in a vicious grin. Yes, the wind had definitely changed. He wouldn't be spending this night alone after all.
"Seh'oh'bahn", he attempted in his slow, careful tone. "A verrah pretteh neh'm foah a verrah pretteh guh'l." His smile was mild, his brows raised slightly as his eyes never left hers. "Quah't a mout'ful foah lowleh I'wilo.". His eyes flicked to the long, thick, slightly wavy red hair that framed her face and fell to just below her shoulders. "Cherreh," he continued, "Es much eh'seah."
He gave her hand a light squeeze before slowly withdrawing his own and holding out the bottle. He rocked it from side to side before handing it to her. She took it boldly and took slightly more than a sip, wiping her pretty bowtie mouth before nodding, "Thank you, I'wilo." She handed the bottle back and he accepted it.
"Flowah's en berreh's... verrah sweet. Meh lah'k sweet," his very long, straight teeth showed each time he said 'sweet'. "Fruh't en flowah's... berreh's." He added, "En cherreh's o' coah's. Sweet cherreh's.", with a meaningful look, one brow rising quizzically.
Siobain smiled, looking around at the city before turning her gaze back to him. "If you wish to talk, let's get out of here.", she said impulsively. I'wilo raised his brow again in mock surprise, his head cocking slightly back and to the side as he seemed to regard her for the first time. He spoke slowly, "Ef et pleh'ses ya dah'lin, how'm ah teh reh'sist?" He bowed slightly, stepping aside and swinging one long arm to indicate that she lead the way.
I'wilo followed behind as they walked through the massive city gates, her hips swinging luridly as she walked ahead of him, not looking back. His full lips parted momentarily in a wide grin, the upper lip lifting on one side, as he detected just the slightest bit of stiffness in her stride. She was nervous, and she hid it well. I'wilo nodded to himself, running his tongue along the inner side of his cheek once as he let his eyes rest again on her hair. He liked saturated, flamboyant colors... felt drawn to them.
She led him through the gates and out into the desert, the towering stone walls of Orgrimmar being replaced by a few hardy, twisted trees, small cacti and shrubs. A lizard startled from its rocky perch and flred up a tree. I'wilo's ears twitched at the whispery sound of its claws on the rough bark, but his eyes never left Siobain.
Turning with a sigh, Siobain regarded I'wilo with a mixture of practiced ease and carefully hidden apprehension. "I don't know what came over me," she said quietly. He could have mouthed the rest of her statement at her as she declared, "I'm not in the habit of talking with strange men." I'wilo, of course, feigned innocence.
The troll nearly smiled quietly as she continued, "You're very... interesting. I just wanted to get to know you." I'wilo looked at her long before replying amicably, "Ya flattah meh ta no end, meh deah.", he placed a hand over his heart as he crouched low before her, so that their eyes met. He'd stopped a good five feet short of her, a respectable enough distance. He gazed into her eyes intently and said, " Sah'ch a luv'leh womah'n, teh'kin' da tah'm o' day foah lowleh 'Wil... Meh haah't could buh'st."
"There's nothing lowly about you.", she smirked, cocking her hip and placing her hand on it as she regarded him. "Ef ya seh it, Cherreh gah'l, who beh meh ta ah'gyah wit' ya?", he purred, his upper right lip twitching and showing his teeth with every "ee" sound.
Smiling slightly, she let her own gaze wander to his well muscled form, the defined arms and shoulders, broad chest and to the tabard that dangled alluringly between his spread legs as he squatted before her. She raised her eyes to his and blushed at the knowing sparkle there. She licked her lips as he rose and stepped slowly toward her, covering the distance in one long stride.
A brief frown crossed his features as he regarded her more closely. He sighed quietly, saying apologetically, "Seh'ms 'Wilo left his tah'sks grow a liddel too lung." I'wilo's was in the habit of trimming his tusks quite short, keeping the vicious points filed closely to allow for his mouth to be more accessible. He'd let them grow out the past month, sometimes painting the tips of them with bright colors or even tying shining jewels or coins to them with lengths of leather cord, when the mood struck him. As he beheld her, his head turned to the left so that he could peer down at her with one eye, he immediately regretted the decision to let them grow.
As he spoke, he'd reached out and placed the tip of one finger on her soft lips. He let it fall as she replied, her voice slightly husky, "As impressive as they are, I tend to agree with you". Her tone was laced with regret. I'wilo shrugged suddenly, placing his large hands on her shoulders and standing to his full height. He leaned forward and lowered his head carefully, the tusks on either side of her head as he stared into her eyes. The tusks had a slight inward curve and so she didn't have room to pull back. She made no attempt to do so.
Siobain licked her round, pouty bottom lip and the troll did the same, his thick tongue flicking out to wet his shining, thick bottom lip. He closed his eyes as he pressed his mouth to hers, his hand cradling the back of her neck, pulling her toward him. His other hand slid down her back and came to rest on one pleasantly rounded side of her butt.
She returned the kiss gently at first. As his lips parted to slip what little of his thick tongue he could fit into her tiny mouth, she responded hungrily, her own tongue flicking and stroking at his lips and then between them. Her tongue dancing across the tip of his own caused an electric tingle to course down his spine and through his loins. He grunted and breathed noisily through his hooked beak of a nose.
The blood elf reached out and gripped the front of his tabard, attempting to pull him closer. Because of his height, he was forced to crouch low to kiss her, and he nearly growled in frustration as instead of pressing against her as he wished to, his swelling member only barely brushed the silken flap of his own tabard. He gently broke the kiss, using his lips to pull at her lower one with a wet sound as he stared into her eyes for a moment before lifting his tusks skyward to release her head.
Stretching tall and rolling his shoulders, he lifted one arm and pointed across the red, cracked desert to where a lazy river carved its way through a shallow rock canyon. The river was only discernible as a far off ridge in the ground, where sand gave way gradually to a stone ridge. She nodded breathlessly and took off, her boots leaving light prints where the loose sand that scattered across the cracked desert floor as transluscent-looking ghosts swirled in their wake. I'wilo grinned hungrily as he gave chase, his long strides such that he easily matched her speed without much effort.
At last they came to the low, clear river that wormed it's way along the Durotar desert's border. The Southfury River, it was named. At the moment, the river crawled thirstily along, badly in need of a fresh rain. It was little more than a stream. Tiny crocolisks, stunted versions of their massive, six-legged crocodilian jungle cousins, barked plaintively at the two intruders and wiggled off for what shallow pools the river afforded them further upstream.
Siobain turned, giggling and out of breath as she spun toward him in the moonlight, the reflection of the water causing faeries of light to dance on her cheek. I'wilo regarded her mildly, one brow arced as he gave her a predatory smile. The laughter died on her lips and her smile became close-mouthed and a bit tentative. He turned away and strode to a place where the river bank became higher, giving way to the base of the mountain ridge that bollstered Orgimmar's walls. He stopped at a smooth, naturally carved out niche in the stone, formed over the centuries as the river had risen to its highest before being sucked low again by the dry sands.
He turned fluidly and reclined against the smooth stone, legs apart. He regarded her with his lips parted in an unabashed sneer and as she approached, he tossed the flap of his tabard aside with a flick of the wrist, exposing the long, thick, proud cock that pulsed for her insistently. His arms spread casually, he scooted himself lower, spreading his knees to either side and blatantly exposing his genitals. His foreskin was stretched back far by his erection, the color of the skin a deeper shade of the blue tint that covered the rest of his body. His heavy-looking balls were a darker shade still.
Her cheeks flushed and her pointed ears twitched as she stared at him intently, kneeling before him and gripping his penis as well as her small hand could. With her left hand, she obediently undid her belt and removed her short pants under his commanding gaze.
She stroked him slowly, drawing the foreskin up and over the bottom of the head as he stared at her with the predatory eyes of a carnivorous Drakkari hunter. She felt that he might eat her at any moment... and she feared that she would do nothing to stop him. She tore her gaze from his bestial eyes and focused on the blushing head of his engorged cock. The very tip of it shined with a dot of glistening precum. She reached out with the other hand and touched it with her fingertip, stroking the head gently as she jerked him off.
I'wilo's position remained relaxed, though the legs in his thighs twitched slightly at each upward stroke of her tiny hand. A low, rumbling growl that could be felt more than it could be heard rose from deep in his chest. He licked his teeth as he watched her stroke him.
Her eyes were fixed on his cock as she whispered, her voice suddenly high and young as though she were merely a child, "I love watching you... becoming aroused." Her cheeks flushed as hotly as the now-dark purple-pink head of his dick and he licked his lips before favoring her with a bemused grin. "Set heah." He gripped her wrist gently but firmly and removed her hand from him, guiding her toward the place where he had sat as he rose to crouch before her.
"Lah'vleh Cherreh", his deep voice enveloping her and causing her to tremble visibly, "I wesh ta see ya treasah's." He slapped her inner right thigh with the back of his left hand, commanding her to open her legs further. She obliged, her face pink as he stared at her pussy. "Moah", he stated simply, pushing her legs apart with both hands. He stared at her seeping wetness, leaving her feeling helplessly exposed, her ears twitching and her small hands gripping at the smooth rock on either side of her nervously as she watched him.
Her heart thudded and she felt she couldn't meet his intent stare as he locked eyes with her after what seemed an eternity of staring at her exposed secrets. "Verrah nice", he commented, reaching out to gather some of her juices on his right finger before letting it rest on the head of her swollen clit. "Cherreh, ah'm empressed." He reached out with his left hand to stroke up and down the length of her glistening slit, parting the lips slightly.
The finger on her clit lingered but didn't move. The pulse of her swollen clit tapped with maddening pleasure and she felt as if she wouldn't be able to keep herself from grinding her hips against him, making him stroke her sensitive button. But his eyes kept her frozen in place. Eyes that indeed threatened to eat her.
"Ah heh't ta tenk ah beh emposeh'n on ya..." She interrupted with a whimper, finding her voice with some difficulty, "Nnno... No. You could never imp-" He silenced her with a sharp look. She whimpered again, submissively and fell silent, her large, liquid eyes trapped in his gaze as he continued. "Ah wish ta heah ya seh, 'pleh's I'wilo'... dah't weh ah know ya beh wantin' wha meh beh bringah'n... Ya want meh ta stroke on ya liddel clet, yeh?"
Her throat felt suddenly dry as she nodded nervously, the pulse in her pink bead causing her thighs to twitch as her entire being yearned toward that touch. "P-please? Please I'wilo?", she whimpered quietly. Her face was burning, as was her pussy. Her clit gave a twitch. He mouthed the word, 'Please', along with her, his face amused. After a long moment, he nodded. "Sence ya begged."
The slick fingertip on her clit began to slowly move, in tiny circles across the tender flesh there. His thumb joined his finger and they straddled on either side of her sensitive bud, drawing the soft hood over the tip of her clit and then exposing the hard pink head as he stared at it, giving her knowing little glances every so often.
She felt more naked than she'd ever felt. Her legs far-spread as she forced herself to keep from mewling at him with need. His touch was delicious, her center filled with slow, deep waves as he stroked up and down her slit, jerking her clit off slowly with the other hand.
"Yeh beh tuh'nin' red downeah', Cherreh. Verreh luv'leh indeh'd." His eyes held hers as he asked her idly, "Es et haah'd feh ya? Beh'n exposed lah'k dis? Can ya feh'l 'Wilo's eyes on ya treasah's, Cherreh guh'leh?" For a nightmare moment she couldn't grasp what he had just asked her, only that it made her face burn hotter than ever, her mind screaming at her to cover her shame and flee from this man's gaze, his eyes and words dissecting her relentlessly.
She fairly choked on the words, "Y-yes, I-I'wilo. I can... I can feel your eyes on my... my treasures." She thought she might faint. "En es et diffah'cult?" he pressed. "Y-yes. It.. it is."
He stared at her, his face unreadable and she held her breath before he favored her with another smile. His smile was so friendly, but his eyes... "Ah preh'seh'et ya honesteh, deah."
His finger gathered more wetness and applied it to her exposed clit head, sending an involuntary shudder up her spine and down her spread legs. Her pussy twitched, the pucker of her anus visible, spread as she was, and it winked spastically. He grinned, exposing many of his long, white teeth as he gathered her clitoral hood and pinched it over the end of her clit.
Her sensitive nub screamed out for stimulation and her stare became glassy as he drew the hood of her clit in circles, massaging her clit head with the hood, using her own juices to make it slick. The sensation was like nothing she knew. She was open, exposed, naked for this giant troll and he was manipulating her, forcing her to pant and moan helplessly as he pinched and prodded and stroked her clit perilously close to orgasm. Her sensitive bud was assaulted from all sides with tingling pressure that caused her pussy to twitch toward the finger that all-but-entered her, stroking lazily at her as the other hand massaged and teased her tiny button.
Her clit felt huge. It felt like all of her. Her body begged for release but she dared not voice her need to him. He had told her, without words, that he knew of her need and he would answer it when he deemed fit, no sooner.
Siobain gasped as his finger entered her, sliding in and out with a come-hither gesture that pressed her g-spot, causing a deep, hungry wave to roll through her belly. Her eyes were tear-rimmed as she looked to him pleadingly. "Ah'm ta undah'stahn ya wish ta... hmm." He slowed both hands, eliciting a tiny whimper from her. The look in his eyes shut her up instantly.
"Don't intah'upt, Cherreh. I'wilo beh ten'ken... trah'n ta mehk sense o' et... Hmm.."
I'wilo removed the finger from her clit and let his hand fall to hit his inner knee. "Tell ya what." he grinned, "When ya feh'l lah'l ya wesh ta cum... ya let ol' I'wilo know en ah'll meh'k et hah'pun, Cherreh guh'leh." She looked at him pleadingly and he tilted his head, blinking rapidly, "Ya wan' meh ta finesh ya, Cherreh?" She nodded.
The troll shook his head in dramatic mock-disappointment. "Ah'm surreh dah'lin. Eh can't seh'm ta heah yeh tah'ken." She cracked her lips tentatively, her voice small, "Please?"
I'wilo's pupils became small and he leaned forward suddenly, bracing himself with one hand on the cool stone wall, positioning the head of his cock against her slick nether lips. "Ef ya wesh it, Dah'len. But fuh'st, ah neh'd ya ta lissun verrah ceh'ful. Alrah't?" She nodded furiously, her eyes huge, her red hair flying about her lovely face. Her tiny, pointed ears twitched in his direction as she awaited his instructions.
His nostrils flared and his eyes rolled briefly. The smell of her was almost enough to tip him over the edge of reason. He shook his head slowly, smiling slightly. "Ah tenk weh bot' know bah nah... I'wilo beh a bit o' a beasteh. Mmm?", his voice becoming slightly more rapid, driven as he was by his need. "But ah en no monstah... nah if ah can help meh'self. Ah'm gonna gev ya da teng ya want so bad, Cherreh. But ya jest a liddel guh'leh en ah beh a big bad troll. Ah don't aim ta rep ya en hah'f. En so ya tell meh when ya feh'l is ah'nuff o' I'wilo ta fell ya op."
With that, he began to slide himself up into her, his cock stretching her slowly, slowly and filling her as she gasped with need. His eyes studied hers intently, never losing focus despite the beads of sweat that now ran down either side of his own brow. The muscles in his back tensed and bunched beneath the thin fabric of his tabard. Her own eyes were unfocused as she stared back at him. She was looking inward now, barely registering the dominating face that hovered over hers. Siobain wasn't for seeing anymore.. she was for feeling.
It was brief, almost imperceptible, but he knew it well. A slight twitch around the eyes as pleasure threatened to become pain. He stopped himself there and withdrew his cock, stroking into her several times before pausing. He bent his left arm, the hand there braced against the stone, to lower his face very close to hers. His cock spread her wide as his strokes became slow and short, bare pulses to tease her twitching hunger. He let his right hand travel down and his finger rested once again on her clit.
"Seh it, Cherreh. Seh it, guh'l." She looked confused, her eyes searching his blindly for a moment before she blurted out, "Please?". "Not good eh'nough, Cherreh. Screh'm foah meh." Without pause she obliged, her voice throaty and husky as she opened her throat and let out a beautiful cry, "Oh GODS! PLEEAASE?!".
I'wilo grunted and began to fuck her in earnest, sliding expertly up to the point before pain and never crossing it even as he threw his head back and bared his teeth in a resounding bellow. Her legs reached up and wrapped around him, clinging to him as he rocked her powerfully. The fingers of his right hand moved with a mind all their own, stroking and pinching her clit to orgasm as he filled her, again and again, with his own hot seed.
His balls all but disapppeared against his body as he emptied wave after wave of cum into her, overfilling her tight pussy. Streams of it ran down her pink, rounded ass and pooled on the stone beneath her. He howled again as the last of his orgasm subsided and left them both panting, her clinging to his neck with shaking arms. He lowered his face toward her again, his nostrils flaring as he breathed raggedly.
The viciousness in his eyes abated, for the most part, replaced again by that friendly shine. Their breath mingled wordlessly as the first of dawn's light caused the silver white crest of hair on his head and neck shine. He left himself in her until the last of their intermittent twitches were long past and when he pulled out, his cock swung limply downward.
Squatting over her, he waited until she let her legs unwrap themselves from around him and slip to the ground as she looked at him adoringly. I'wilo reached once more and found her with his cooling fingertips, lifting their mixed musk to his nose and sniffing it, staring at her all the while. "Such peh'fume." he grumbled, slipping the fingers into his mouth and then popping them back out wetly. He kissed his fingers, then, and placed them on her mouth for a moment before he stood and stretched.
He cleared his throat quietly and gathered his weapon belt and daggers, which he'd tossed aside carelessly and allowed to slip down the bank to the water's edge. She lay there, weak and spent as she watched him reattach his belt and straighten out his blades by their hilts. Siobain gradually gathered enough strength to dress herself tiredly as she watched him with her bright, almond-shaped eyes.
They looked at eachother then, and he nodded once. "Will I see you again?" she whispered. He stared at her silently, his lips twitching ever so slightly and she added, "Please?"
I'wilo chuckled and nodded again, favoring her with a grin, "Ah tenk dah't wou beh in oah'dah." He ran his tongue along the inside of his cheek again, still tasting her. He winked at her and then gave her one last, lingering look. It was a dominating stare that made his message clear, that he was not to be followed. It was alone time for I'wilo. She would see him again when he saw fit. Her fingers went to her lips, the feel of his touch lingering and she closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, he was gone.
Thanks for reading. Special thanks to Siobain (NOT my character) as this short was based on a random roleplay session in the World of Warcraft setting. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed acting it out with her. -Fyve
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Unexpected [Written my dear friend, Fyve Troll]
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