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PostSubject: CHAPTER ELEVEN: THE SPARK THAT NEVER DIES   Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:14 am

As the sun arose the next morning, it began to slowly evaporate the water that had collected on various surfaces throughout the camp. Aubrea always accustomed to rising very early, came out of the tent; she stretched languidly, her eyes closed for a brief moment. As they did so, unbidden came the thought of him; the Paladin she had gotten to know while she was on her way to the camp they were stationed at now. She remembered the first time she met General Zaeden Moonriven.

As Aubrea, Talivan, and Dreyden were heading to the site the new camp was being built at, they admired the surroundings; they were in wonder of the land they rode through. As they approached the Crossroads, they spotted another company of soldiers. Talivan and Dreyden rode ahead to see where the new soldiers hailed from. Aubrea watched a wide grin cross Dreyden's face, though he quickly concealed it. She watched to see the source of his happiness and to her amazement, an almost exact replica of Dreyden stood close by. She shook her head, wondering if she was imagining things. Wondering if the heat was starting to get to her. Dreyden gripped the mans forearm in gretting, speaking quietly with the man who was Dreyden's duplicate.

The man frowned at first, as if not used to much public displays of affection. He then shook his hand, hugging Dreyden close and laughing as they walked off, their dark heads bent together as they spoke. Aubrea headed to one of the vendors, speaking quietly with him as she bought a few supplies. Smiling as she walked away, she was not paying much attention to her direction until she walked into what felt like a wall. "Ooomph!" she said, as she almost fell down, the wall gripped her arms, pulling her until she could steady herself.

Her eyes widened as she stepped back, blinking up at what looked to be Dreyden, yet different. "Oh excuse me, I...I wasn't..." she blushed, looking down at her feet.

The replica chuckled, gripping her delicate chin in his strong fingers, he murmured, "You were not in the wrong. I was not paying attention myself, for my eyes spied a very beautiful woman."

His eyes met hers, a grind curving the corner of his lips. She looked up at him, her cheeks flushed from his words. Her ears perked at the sounds of horses and people moving about the busy streets. She peered around and saw that Talivan was heading her way, her horse tether in his hands. She pulled away from the replica, stammering slightly as she headed toward Talivan. The darked haired man simply watched her, a bemused expression on his face.

Later on, Dreyden, Talivan, and Aubrea were riding. They spotted a small camp set up in the distance. "Let's check this out...make sure that everything is alright," Dreyden said, his eyes narrowing, trying to catch a glimpse of what was ahead.

He did not want to have them ride into a dangerous situation. Spotting a Paladin's destrier, his eyes widened in suprise. Clicking his tongue, he motioned his horse forward, not even thinking to call out to the others that all was well. Aubrea followed closely behind, calling out to Dreyden as she pulled herself closer to his mount. Her jaw widened at what she saw. Standing before Dreyden was his replica again. "How did you get here so quickly, brother," Dreyden questioned, his hand gripping his forearm yet again in a welcoming gesture.

Zaeden replied with a grin, "By not being so distracted by the scenery."

A smirk curved on Zaeden's lips as he spoke his gaze immediately drifting toward Aubre and Talivan. "Who's the tool with her," Zaeden asked in a whisper, his eyes lighting on Aubrea.

"That, my dear boy, is a man who is very interested in her," Dreyden said, a solemn light in his eyes as he spoke.

Zaeden's eyes darkened slightly, a smile on his lips, though it did not reach his face. "Ahh," he said thoughtfully, as he walked up to the rest of their small force.

"Come, take your rest this night," Zaeden said, a wide smile played across his face as he gestured to his camp.

It was comfortably made up, a few tents scattered about, a small fire burning in the center of the camp ring. The smell of roasting game hen was wafting from the vicinity of the fire as Aubrea's stomach growled hungrily. She blushed furiously as she placed a hand on her stomach. "Would you care for some food," Zaeden asked her quietly.

Her cheeks suffused in a blush as she gave a nod. "It has been a very long day," she muttered, nodding her head in thanks as she grabbed a small wooden bowl and began helping herself to the savory food.

"This smells wonderful," she added as she began to nibble delicately on the food.

She ate a bit quicker as she realized exactly how hungry she really was. Blushing as she polished off the bird, she set the bowl down, looking up at him. "That was very good...I didn't realize I was so hungry," she said, her cheeks flushing a small shade of red.

He smiled softly as he took her bowl and headed toward the small table he set up. "It's wonderful to see a lady who has such an appetite," he said, a grin crossing his rather handsome face.

She blushed again, looking to him, she was about to speak before Talivan jumped in. "That is m'dear. She is always hungry, never afriad of how she looks while she eats either," he said a chuckle emitted from his lips.

Aubrea punched Talivan's shoulder, scowling slightly. "I do not always wolf my food down," she added, her eyes downcasted as she spoke.

Zaeden took an unguarded moment to devour her with his eyes. He knew he had been attracted to her since the first time he saw her at the Crossroads. He had never seen a woman like her; her dark auburn hair, neatly coifed. Her armor was clean, her demeanor very gently. He was enchanted by her beauty, her personality. Zaeden smiled warmly at her as he reached out to touch her hand adding his own words into the mix of things said. "Nonsense. It is nice to see you have a hearty appetite."

He gathered up the bowls and carried them off to a nearby table and sat them down only to turn back around. Talivan sat beside her and pulled her close. Aubrea sat there slightly uncomfortable for the first time. She wasn't use to Talivan being this clingy and it showed as she pulled herself away from him a bit. Zaeden watched their interaction, his eyes bemused as he listened to the conversations around him. Had she forgotten so easily their first time meeting?

Later on that night, they sat around a campfire. Dreyden sat beside the river, his face far away as he stared off. Aubrea walked over to him, resting her hand on his shoulder she murmured, "Want to talk about it?"

"No, it'll be fine, soon enough," Dreyden said quietly, his hand resting on the ground.

"She will be here soon enough," Aubrea said perceptively, giving Dreyden a slight hug.

She stood up and walked away, Dreyden continued to stare across the water, lost in every ripple that appeared. As Aubrea entered the camp she heard a slight rustling and stopped, a deer frozen as she listened to the sound. She felt warmth to her back, turning with sword in hand, she was startled to see Zaeden. "What are you doing here," she quesioned, lowering her weapon.

"I wanted to make sure you were safe because this area hasn't been properly secured," he replied, stepping closer to her, he could have sworn he felt the heat emitting off her.

The warmth felt soothing as if it called out to his arms, begged them to wrap themselves around her small, delicate frame. "He is darkness...he is not what you need," Zaeden said quietly, looking into her eyes.

Aubrea blinked at first then questioned, "Who, Dreyden? No...he is nothing more than a dear friend. He is in love with my sister, Arabellia."

A smile curved her lips as she spoke of her sister. Zaeden's eyes darkened as he let his fingers caress her cheek. "You, are a beauty...of the light. An aura caresses your beautiful skin. I can feel it radiating off you," he said, as he leaned in suddenly, her lips opened in shock as his closed upon hers.

Hot heat, dark desire eminated from the kiss, though his desire was not intentional, his body did not listen to his mind. She whimpered softly before leaning into his body; kissing him back. Her kiss was of desire though, yet strangely is was also of innocense. After a few moments of their kisses, he pulled himself back, feeling her body shaking in his hands; he looked deeply into her eyes. "Forgive me, I did not think," he murmured, his hand reached to caress her cheek before he turned around.

His shoulders slumped as he muttered, "I did not mean to let that happen."

She instinctively gripped his arm, protesting, "You were nothing more than a gentleman...I..." she pulled back, blushing vividly as she spoke.

He watched the blush suffuse her cheeks as she looked up to him. "Let's not let this keep us from becoming wonderful friends," she said, watching as he gave an affirmative nod.

"I would love to be friends," he said, his hand gripped hers as he pulled her to the site.

Talivan sat by the fire, his face contemplative as he stared ino the flames. Hearing footsteps, he eyed the pair as they walked into the clearing. Seeing their clasped hands, his eyebrow arched. "Is my beloved Aubrea alright," he asked, moving to place a possesive hand on her arm.

She noded as she hugged him. "I'm fine, dearest Talivan."

She missed the look of animosity between Talivan and Zaeden. It almost seemed as if they were there, a bone between the two of them and they were fighting for it. In their case, it was Aubrea. Zaeden melted into the shadows, mindful of making sound as he headed back to his tent. Talivan lead her to their tent, looking her over as he did. He was looking for signs that Dreyden's brother had touched Aubrea in a way he was not suppose to. Seeing nother he considered out of the ordinary, he led her to the tent door as he said, "Let me bank these fires...though this night, I will be awake most of it."

"Why is this, my love," she questioned.

"I am writing up a few reports for General Ninoz Scourgebane. He must know how Zaeden's company is fairing and we made contact with them."

Aubrea nodded as she headed into the tent. "I will lay down then," she murmured, as she opened the flap.

Talivan stretched once again as he rubbed his eyes and groaned. Why does he have to have such details is beyond me...its not as if Zaeden is something special...Talivan grumbled as he wrote the paper up. His head kept drooping and his eyes closed as he began to doze. He sat up again, as he sighed. I will just finishe this up in the morning...he decided. Looking to the darkened tent, he shook his head. I will sleep out here tonight. I don't want to awaken her...he thought to himself, as he gathered a wamr blanket. He rolled onto his side and fell asleep as soon as his eyes closed.

Aubrea peeked her head out as she saw the fires burning lower and lower. Seeing Talivan curled by the fire, she smiled softly and headed out of the tent. She had decided on a nightly stroll. Her stride was restless, she had a lot on her mind. "I love Talivan...I do.." she said quietly to herself as she shook her head and sighed.

She could see Zaeden's face in her mind's eye. "Why are you haunting my thoughts...It was just one night..." she said to herself, or so she thought until she heard his voice.

"Because, you are as attracted to me, as I am you," Zaeden said, stepping from the shadows.

Her eyes widened in shock. " cannot be," she stuttered, as she watched him step closer, his eyes predatory, yet harm was not in their depths.

Instead, a sweet desire swirled in their midst. Building, yet, at the same time his gaze was tender. "Let it be tonight that we do not deny what is there between can you forget what happened? Do I need to make love to you for you to remember," Zaeden said, his hand reached up to clasp her chin, he could feel the heat of her body reaching out; beckoning him closer.

She looked up at him, her eyes desperate in their desire, yet at the same time she felt guilt in her depths. "But, I love Talivan," she said, her own rebuttal weak even to her own ears.

He looked into her eyes and shook his head as he spoke,"And what of our night, hm? Do not deny me this...if I cannot hold you in my arms forever, let me have you this one night."

His eye were pleading as he brought her close to his body. She was helpless to refuse him. She tried to forget that night they shared before Talivan, but it seemed harder as each day went by. "I...U want you so much. It is insane, this feeling," she said.

He nodded in agreement, "It is...but I would have one more night of madness, to a lifetime of lonliness."

He head reached down as he placed his lips upon her mouth. She took a shuddering gasp, her fingers tangled in his hair. She did not know what she was feeling, she only knew it was a feeling that Zaeden brough inside of her body, and that nothing but his touch would make the ache bearable. Her fingers caressed his shoulders, up to his face, she let her fingers cup his cheek. Gazing into his eyes, she felt a rush of tenderness as she leaned in to kiss him back in a passion. "Zaeden," she whimpered.

He only shook his head, picking her up in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he keeped her deeply. He worshipped her mouth as if it was a monument; carefully tending to each nook and cranny, letting his tongue explore as his hands gripped tight against her fully clothed body. She shook in desire, her eyes meeting his after he pulled away from their kiss; helpless, she was speechless as well. He just shook his head and held her in his strong arms. She peered down at him her breathing quick and hurried as he blinded made his way toward his tent.

Freeing one hand, managing to balance her weight against him, he pulled the flap opened and entered. He placed her down on a bearskin rug as he looked deeply into her eyes. The fur ruffled around her as her hands gliding across it admiring its unique softness. Zaeden's fingers touched her curves through the clothing. Her breathing hitched as his fingers touched every nook of her body, his eyes worshipping her body and her face as Talivan never did. She remembered this look before and shook her head in guilt before Zaeden's lips captured her again. She could feel his tongue brushing in the the dark crevices of her moist mouth as her head dipped back and her body seemed boneless as she returned the kiss. "Zaeden," she whimpered, as her eyes met his; so tender.

"I want to make love to you," Zaeden thought outloud, as he looked her over.

Her face seemed hot as he he continued to speak, "You are so beautiful," he said, kneeling as he began to slide her boots off.

She was already blushing as she watched him toss them toward the front of the tent. His fingers inched up to undo the clasp of her pants. Her eyes widened, she had never had anyone do this to her before, undress her. Talivan was not a lover to be very focused upon her body or so it seemed, she thought to herself briefly as she lifted up allowing him to remove her pants without thought. Her mind erased itself when she felt him place his fingers briefly on the swollen, we slit. Taking a deep breath, she gasped as she felt his fingers brishing, teasing her body. "Ahh, Zae..." she whimpered, as he thouched her in a way she had never been touched before.

It was intimate, caring. He was purely enjoying the feeling of her wetness, gripping his fingers as she moved restlessly. "I will make you remember the night we shared and you will never forget this one," he said as he leaned forward, his breathing warm on her moist, outter lips.

Her eyes closed briefly as her head tilted back. Her lips parted in a soft moan as he grinned wickedly. He had already broken his sacred vowel once and wasn't going to let it stop him from giving her a night she would never forget. He began by kissing her left outer lip, trailing across her mound to lay assult to the opposing side before picking her up and forcing her against the sturdy, middle pole of the tent. He pressed his body against hers. He could feel her trembling beneath him like a rung bell. She shook in desire as she pressed even closer against him, though she did not realize she was doing so. He knew though as he used the pole as his muse. He grabbed her wrists and slid them slowly above her head, she gripped the pole as if there were imaginary ties that bound her there. He began to kiss her.

Yet this time, his kiss was possesive. She moaned softly into his mouth, begging for air as she did so. He pulled away long enough for her to speak. "God, Zae," she whispered, her breath heavy as she spoke.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, his only response was the reaction of his hands grabbing for her waist, pulling her close to him as he inched down, his lips suckling her nipple in between his teeth before playfully biting the swollen peak. She arched her back the best she could in shock, her eyes dazed as she looked up at him. He reached down to touch between her legs, he could feel how wet she had grown for him as he parted her moist lips; her pussy gripping the tips of his figers as he slid two in. She gasped in relief then sighed as he pulled them out, only to put the tips in his mouth, tasting her essence, admiring her earthy scent. Looking deep into her eyes, he lit a fire that she had thought banked months ago. He gripped her waist tightly and pulled her forward, her body slumping slightly though the pole keep her composed. He growled softly as he unclasped his pants, his well endowed cock sprung free as he gripped the base of it.

Placing the swollen, aroused head against her aching center, he began to push himself into her. Moaning as he did so, he slid in slowly, so slowly. Her backed arched as her hands gripped the pole the best she could, her eyes widened as a soft hiss of pleasure emitted from her mouth. "Ahhhh," was all Aubrea was capable of saying. She couldn't focuss on anything more than the feeling of him entereing her so tenderly.

Zaeden smiled at her, though a hot fire burned in his eyes. A fire only she could ever put out. Her heart beat was heavy and it seemed to pull her breathing with it. She released the pole and gripped the bottom of his shirt. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as she forced the shirt up over his head. His muscled frame tightened as sweat popped up along his abs. She did not know what made her feel this way, why she wanted him so much, but she knew there was a connection between the two of them that could not be explained. She had felt their reconnection at the appropriate...she lost her train of thought as she felt him hilt himself deep within her. As his erection filled her, his mouth closed on an aching nipple as he pulled the stiffened peak into his mouth; sucking firmly until; his lips gave way. A wave of cool air swept across her nipple before being followed soon by the sensual flicks of his tongue as she gave way to his assult.

Gasping, she leaned forward, biting his shoulder; her nails digging deep into his back as her lips parted against his collar bone in a tormented moan. He pulled her away from the pole, her back collapsing against the rug, the fur almost matting into her persperated skin. She lifted her arms above her head naturally, her breasts fallen softly to either side as he thrusted into her center. Starting at her armpits, he slid both his hands up her arms until the palm of his hand met hers and it was at that moment, they clasped together. Their fingers curling and interlacing as he groaned softly against the night. He looked deep into her eyes as he continued to thrust into her warm, aching body. Her breath caught in a gasp as she tried to arch against him. She moaned his name softly as he leaned his forehead against hers, resting it there as his thrusts began to grow in strength. They were long and hard, something she had never felt before. His endurance unlike Talivan's.

His thrust slowed to a stop, her clit throbbed with need as he rolled over on his back. She hopped on his lap as she slid down on his aching cock again. Hilding onto her waist, he thrusted upward just enough to feel her slid down to the base. He held himself very still as she began to bob herself up and down. "Mmm," he said, as he reached up to pull on her nipples.

She began to rock slowly, so slow that he had time to enjoy the view he was getting in this postion. Watching every expression, every movement, he began to rock her against his body tenderly, lovingly. She responded in kind; this was nothing like what Talivan had done to her before. His lovemaking to her was hurried, rushed...he did not last long, she was suprised to admit to herself. Zaeden on the other hand...her brain went blank as she leaned foward, his mouth wrapping around a nipple, suckling on the rosey nub. She moaned softly, leaning into him as her eyes closed. She raked his chest with her nails as she opened her eyes; her emerald orbs widening in suprise as she saw him watching her. His expression was so softened, so tender. She could almost pretend it was a look of pure love.

She closed her eyes once more as she began to ride him faster, her pussy gripping his cock as she did so. The way I feel about him...Aubrea through briefly, her eyes meeting his as she felt it; the tightening, the tension of his body, the feeling of her body surrounding him. She made a soft keening sound as she whimpered unknowngly, "Mmm, I love this... it feels so... good...Zae..Oh gods."

She closed her eyes as she began to shake. He responded by pulling her close, thrusting upward into her wet center. He was amazed by how it felt, being this way with her. Since the first time they met months ago, the first drunken night they shared, it had never felt as good as it did at that moment. He growled as he moved more swiftly. He wanted to make his mark on her body, on her mind. He wanted her to want no one else but him...

Hearing her cry out, he began to pound. Holding onto her waist as she rocked against his shaft, he felt her orgasm rippling through her pussy; his answering cry was gutteral, primal. He lurched one last time, feeling his seed filling her almost to overflowing. He pulled her close, wanting to cerish the moment, feeling her warmth close to his body. Aubrea's head rested on his chest, her eyes closed, her breathing finally returning to normal. She let the events that had just occured flow through her head and blinked in suprise. She should have felt more guilt for what she had done, but she didn't. Instead, she felt very relaxed, very happy...happier than she had been in a while. She had felt a deep attration, a wonderful sense of security...belonging. Shaking her head, she went to stand. Zaeden feeling her tense, placed his hands on the small of her back, whispering fiercely, "One night..."

She heard his words in the steamy heat of the dark night, she could not deny what he asked, what she truly wanted, more than anything. She laid her head back on his chest, listening closely at his heartbeat. It was strong and steady. She breathed deeply attempting to relax. After a few minutes, she was fast asleep, her eyes closed, her body boneless against his. He laid there for a bit longer, unable to sleep himself. He knew that more than anything, he wanted this to be more than a one night ideal...he wanted it to be forever. He tangled his fingers in her hair, caressing her scapl as he let his thoughts run rampant in the deep of the night. He had seen how Talivan was to her, how he was not very affectionate unless he thought others would see. He knew from the moment he saw her, that he wanted to make a change in her life; something he knew would come with time, and would not be easy. He sighed, knowing that Aubrea would cry a river of tears soon enough, but he would be there when she needed him the most.

Aubrea awoke as dawn began to creep over the hills of the Forgotten Pool. She blinked in shock, seeing herself and Zaeden laying together on the rug, their bodies glistening softly in the morning light. She blushed vividly as she stood up; looking and finding each piece of her outdit she wore last night. She quickly and quietly got dressed. Giving him one last look, she smiled softly and stepped out of the tent quickly, before he would have the chance to stop her. Deep down, she knew had he been awake, he would have kept her there. Slipping back into the campsite she shared with Talivan, she sighed softly and slipped behind the tent, listening closely. Seeing Talivan beginning to sir, she walked up and stretched slightly. "I just returned from my walk," she said quietly, looking down at Talivan, she shivered.

She would not dare tell him of her secret...he didn't even know about her and Zaeden before why would she now? Instead, she decided to keep it to herself, cherishing it, holding it close to her heart. Talivan stood up, hugging her, he went to stir the fire. Putting the game bird on the fire, he smiled as he sat next to her. "We will be moving onto the barraks in a few days. We will meet the General in charge, Ninoz Scouragebane," he said excitedly, pulling up the report out to read some of the details.

She nodded absently, checking the bird, she saw that is was ready. Pulling the bird off, she took a hunk of meat and placed it on a plate. Sucking on her fingers delicately, she stared off into the distancel her eyes dazed slightly as she recalled what Zaeden did to her her body, to her very soul. She shivered as her eyes closed briefly, recalling every detail. Eventually, Talivan cleared his throat. "You enjoying the bird," he asked absently, making marks on his papers.

She nodded slowly, shaking her head to clear it as she suckled the juices off her fingers. She looked over to Zaeden's tent in the distance and saw it was gone. Her eyes widened slightly a slight frown curved her lips as she looked down to her bird. He was day with him, and he was gone...she sighed softly, saddened by the idea of his departure. She wondered briefly if she would ever see him again. Shaking her head, she finished her food and headed into the tent. Packing her saddlybags, she walked up to her mount, Paragon; tieing the bags onto her saddle, she mounted up. Talivan soon followed.

A few days later, they reached Splintertree Post. Talivan's face broke into a big grin as he saw a strong, broad figure in the distance. Ninoz walked up as they dismounted. Holding his hand out in welcome, he gritted his teeth. "Throm'ka, Captain," he stated quietly, his mouth falling into a grin as his teeth showed.

Smiling back in response, he patted him on the back. "I am just glad we made it this far," Talivan said, looking back at Aubrea briefly.

"This is my soon to be wife, Aubrea," he said as they headed to the neaby hut.

Aubrea stood by, stretching her body as she did so. She did not realize it, but a figure was watching her from the shadows. She she put her arms down and yawned briefly, she saw the shadow, her eyes widened when she saw it was Zaeden. She ran forward, her arms opening as if they were lovers; indeed they were, though so much more, she did not realized it as she hugged him. "I had hoped you made it alright to your destination," she murmured, looking into his eyes.

Her cheeks lit in a blush as she pulled back. He gave a nod, leaning close only to say quietly, "I am glad you came here...I was hoping to see you again."

Her cheeks darkerned an impossible shade looking about as she whispered, "You mustn't say it so...they will think more of it than there is."

Her eyes spoke more than her mouth as her hand rested on his arm. He grinned in response, hugging her briefly. As he was about to pull away, he saw Talivan looking at the pair. Zaeden's eyes narrowed briefly as he pulled away. "Lieutenant General Ninoz Scourgebane, is my second in command. We are on our way to our post."

Her eyes widened in suprise. "Then we are heading to the same place," she added quietly.

"Well, we will have to make sure to keep our friendship truely intact," he said, placing his fingers briefly on her cheek.

She nodded as she headed to their place to sleep for the night. She called back, "Maybe, we shall see each other there!"

Zaeden gave a nod, a grin curved his lips. As she prepared, she seemed as if she was highly distracted. Her mind was still on the times they had spent, and of him...She looked over to her sister, seeing her deep in though, she smiled. As she reached for her saddlebags, she said softly to Arabellia, "You best stay safe. Don't you be doing anything crazy such as wandering off."

Arabellia blushed as she looked to Aubrea, "And you best be sure to stay safe while traveling in the Barrens... they are not that civil up there," she said, a slight blush profusing her cheeks. Aubrea grinned as she packed the last of her bags; hefting them over her shoulder, she headed toward the door, then the stable. As she got close to her horse, she slung the bags along the horses eithers; petting the horse's rump before sliding up on her back. Smiling she clicked her tonuge, the horse obeying her command to move. "I will be back in a few days. I must go to Orgrimmar and retrieve some supplies. All will be well, or so I hope," she said, her eyes darkened slightly as she turned her horse around.

She stopped in place, a rather loud noise approached the barracks. She paused in suprise as she saw a familiar face riding up. "Lietentant General," she called out, the Orc smiled at the girl as he slid off his Wolf mount and greeted her.

"Throm'ka Corporal," he replied.

"I have brought my toops here...we are going to be stationed here," he said, a wide grin played on his handsome face.

"You...are? Wonderful," she said, a secret smile plaed about her lips.

If Ninoz was here... that meant... "Here, let us get you to the one in charge," Ninoz laughed.

"Zaeden will be in charge of this station," he grunted, a wide gin playing about his mouth.

Her eyes widened in shock. her smile was still there, but her eyes were slightly dazed as she nodded. "That is wonderful, we need all the help we can get. Especially after the attack that almost made me lose my own sister," she said solemnly, her eyes sad as she looked back to the tent her and her sister shared.

"At least, that woke Dreyden up from waiting for her anymore," she chuckled softly.

Ninoz nodded, though slightly confused. He looked back to his group and called out deeply, "To you tents boys! And find Zaeden, he will be going along with our dear Corporal."

She tried to murmur a protest, he shook his head. "There is no way you are traveling alone. Especially with that precious loud you are carrying. He is going, orders from your superior officer."

She knew better than to say no and secretly she was happy, but how did Ninoz know of the child she was carrying? She nudged herself from her thoughts and smiled. Finally she would spend time with him! She was excited. Sitting patiently on her mount, she murmured, "I hope he is ready to travel then."

She ran her hand soothingly on her horses flank. The horse shivered slightly as she shifted in place. Zaeden heard them call his name and finding the one calling, he asked, "What's going on?"

"Lieutenant General Scourgebane calls for you, sir," the foot-soldier said, pointing to the General and then to a young woman on a horse.

"Something to do with escorting her to Orgrimmar."

Zaeden scowled slightly, he had hoped to find Aubrea before being sent out to do a menial task which could take days to complete. Sighing, he headed up to the General and the lady. "Yes sir?"

Ninoz smiled as if he was a cat, and had the canary in his eye's sight. "You are to escort Lance Corporal Aubrea Dawnheart to Orgrimmar. Be careful, those supplies are needed and desperately so take your time coming back."

Zaeden's eyes widened. Damned Ninoz for pulling something liek this out of his hate... "Yes sir," Zaeden said simply, his hand in the air, saluting as he called for his mount.

Slipping up on its back, he patted his steed softly. "One more trip good friend."

He looked over to Aubrea as he murmured, "Are you prepared?" (my love). He had wanted to say it, was moments from doing so, but at the last moment, he stopped himself. He knew he had to go slow at this point, see where the cards lay at the moment. She nodded, her cheeks reddening, some swore from the cold as she said quietly, "Lead the way."

He nodded, clicking his tongue, they rode out of the camp, dust in their trails as they headed toward Orgrimmar.

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